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Misguided Farmers

Part-6: Are the protests non-political?

While the ruling party has accused the Congress, SAD and AAP of both promising and supporting changes in APMC earlier and now walking back on their word, these parties in turn accuse the BJP of the same hypocrisy of opposing farm law reform during Congress rule.

Soft terrorism- The new weapon designed by communists and used by opposition

Farmers protests -25 victims and still counting: They are made to believe that they are sacrificing themselves for a cause and brainwashed to go to the extremity of sacrificing lives or taking lives.

A take on the agriculture reforms in India- 2020

The agri reforms are progressive and structurally positive, given the state of agriculture in India and reflects the need of the changed times; from food-deficit to food-surplus, from need to protect farmer to providing farmer the choice, from production-centric to demand-centric.

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