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Ritu Bhandari

The author is Head of Research, Smahi Foundation of Policy and Research. She is based out of Mumbai. She tweets at @Ritu_twt Views are personal.

Budget 2021 gives boost to SVAMITVA Yojana– making rural India AtmaNirbhar

SVAMITVA scheme has the potential to transform rural India and uplift the rural economy. Budget 2021 has made a provision of Rs 200 crore for the SVAMITVA scheme, targeting 2.3 lakh villages in 16 States.

What’s holding India back?

While India’s business climate has been continuously improving since 2014, India must study and bring new reforms to overcome its slow judicial process, complex compliance burden and inefficient logistics, to become an economic force to reckon with.

Global proliferation of Drones

Drones is the future of aviation. UAVs can no longer be viewed as precious aircraft of an elite few. The next generation of drones will widen the gap between manned and unmanned flight even further, adding greater stealth, sensory, payload, range, autonomous and communications capabilities.

Decoding the Labour Code

India’s archaic labour laws have been highlighted as one of the key impediments in attracting investment in labour intensive manufacturing - key to India’s employment and job challenges. The labour reforms are a step in the right direction and will provide a fillip to domestic competitiveness.

Budget 2021- A welcome shift in policy perspective

The Budget shows a growth trajectory that will not be constrained by resources such as fiscal deficit, inflation, rating agencies

A take on the agriculture reforms in India- 2020

The agri reforms are progressive and structurally positive, given the state of agriculture in India and reflects the need of the changed times; from food-deficit to food-surplus, from need to protect farmer to providing farmer the choice, from production-centric to demand-centric.

Should large corporate houses be allowed to promote banks?

Broadly, the main concerns of allowing large corporate houses to own banks relate to conflicts of interest, governance issues and concentration of economic power.

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