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Home Reports Naxal attack: At least 22 security personnel have lost their lives

Naxal attack: At least 22 security personnel have lost their lives

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Sukma-Bijapur Border, Chhattisgarh: About 2000 security personnel were sent to install camps in naxal affected area. This would restrict their anti-social movement. Naxals were frustrated and attacked security personnel. The firing from the both sides lasted for three hours. More than 24 weapons are looted by the naxals. At least 22 brave security personnel have lost their lives washing out naxals in congress ruled state Chhattisgarh. Some naxals are eliminated and rest fled away. Around 20 injured and some security personnel are missing.

Home Minister Amit Shah has cancelled his two of three rallies in Assam and returned Delhi to take stock of the situation.

Eminent personalities offered their condolences-

President tweeted:

Vice President tweeted:

Prime Minister tweeted:

Home Minister tweeted:

“Tributes to our courageous security personnel who were killed in action while fighting against the Left Wing Extremists at Sukma-Bijapur border in Chhattisgarh. They fought with utmost courage and their sacrifice will never be forgotten. My deepest condolences to their families.”, tweeted Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

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