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Jihadi preacher’s channel gets deleted by YouTube for inspiring terror attack, journalist Rana Ayyub expresses solidarity with preacher

Some Indian twitter users noticed Ayyub's tweet which prominently featured the jihadi motivational speaker Israr Ahmed and assumed self radicalisation was a daily routine for "liberal Muslim" Rana Ayyub.

Naxal attack: At least 22 security personnel have lost their lives

About 2000 security personnel were sent to install camps in naxal affected area. Naxals were frustrated and attacked security personnel.

Can Religions Really Reform?

The only reform that will be truly meaningful is a complete renunciation of all kinds of religions.

The old BJP must take an immediate crash course from the new, Yogi Adityanath vs other BJP CMs

How UP CM Yogi Adityanath goes tough on Karni Sena goons when other BJP CMs seem clueless.

It’s time to charge, time to change

Are we tolerant and peace-lovers or just coward?

Which side of the fence do you belong?

This article is dedicated to people who are in the process of seeking answers, the late teens, the young adults, the college goers the recent graduates, and the first time voters.

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