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Which side of the fence do you belong?

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From the time I can remember picking up a newspaper for the first time, to trying to skim through it nowadays whenever possible with such a paucity of time, with our inbuilt inner filters, predisposed to our own biases or general world view points, what has managed to baffle the most is wondering how can an average person even form an opinion that has not been painted with hues, and towards the subtle labels the mainstream media ever so tirelessly pushes, the left, right, extremists, all were just words sounding extremely judgmental in the beginning to me.

This ugly rhetoric and disgusting discourse has to end, not only because it’s fictional, because it is retarding the school of thought of so many in the youth. This article is dedicated to people who are in the process of seeking answers, the late teens, the young adults, the college goers the recent graduates, and the first time voters.

Indeed, who are these writers? Having never established a connection with the masses, with the tendencies to subconsciously try to classify people as soon as they get their first tidbit of opinions from them? Slowly over the times in the teenage, realizing most of my opinions coincided to what the media would pounce to classify as conservative in nature. As gullible as I remember to be, that label was accepted for a while only to later realize what trap I was falling in.

Why are the conservatives portrayed to be the messiahs of Capitalism? The liberals painted as the believers of the hopelessly romanticised version of Socialism? After asking countless people of their opinions, slowly realizing everyone was mostly on the fences of any of these so called particular school of thought. Its the media’s schizophrenic need to classify, albeit in a damaging sense in stark contrast to the normality of human needs and wants.

A person with a critical opinion of figureheads like Umar Khalid, does not automatically qualify as a Sanghi, et all the names and tags the journalists have liberally applied. It would not mean the person supports the school of thought that would be traditionally classified as conservative. What if the same individual believes in free public education even at college graduation levels? Does that make him a liberal in the moulds of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Government?

Surely some stabilizing middle ground has to be established. What if an individual wants no such conclusions? That would drive the press crazy. One has to pick a damn side it seems, in order to appear in their eyes, their version of what’s ‘Normal’.

At the end of the day the concepts fail to achieve squat due to their imaginary nature, shining example of such a thing, being our honorable Prime Minister Modi. Using the liberty of my imagination and construct at this point, thinking if discussed such seemingly trivial but bugging issues with him, one would probably hear a chuckle at the end of my doubts and skepticism and general confusion of what part of fence one lies on. That would in his eyes, be a complete waste of precious and valuable time and resource afforded to the country in the form of youth, gone down an utter despicable drain. He would probably say do what helps not only you, but your nation instead of getting fixated with wasteful classifications. Doing is indeed so much better than all the gossip and the talk.

It’s time we abandon the need to belong to any particular ‘wing’ or so on, and be model citizens of this wonderful country first. Let ‘India First’ not just be a feel good chant, but be used in a literal sense to define our stance on the next problem/adversity we see in our country. This need to stay with no fences, acknowledging the good from all sides if containing merit, comes from a habit of precision, imbibed from having studied engineering, which is another recently much maligned subject. Most people gladly or sportingly accept the Sanghi or Bhakt tag and even put it on their social media bios (albeit sarcastically and in good humour), given by the liberal pixies.

Fellows, your goodwill is deeply appreciated but how about instead of looking for that one article to rub it in that libtards’ face, you look for how you could help a fellow countryman earn a livelihood with your own venture, however small may that manner of contribution be? You won’t get some likes, favorites, retweets, but what you would surely get is the untold appreciation of our honorable Prime Minister,who is doing so much just to help you and others be able to start a business, regardless of it being the modest of occupations.

The only time you do need to genuinely pick sides is during the elections, to,support a cause you believe in and educate others, after which one should hardly ever devote time to the ploys of the evil that surrounds us. This in particular is an address to so many in the youth who end up fighting for causes on social media, even with their good intentions, I would say you’re wasting not only your time, but a valuable resource that could have been helpful to India’s progress.

With a moral compass built on these principles, no political party can take for granted any voter. Governments will come, form and go, what should remain is our sense of judgement in knowing the genuity of the future leaders of India. A scientific temper, helps not only professionally, but in identifying the path of discourse one should move towards. Name calling/Branding has always been the left liberals’ forté, we should not fall for it and embrace the truth, instead of ever getting stuck in the quicksand of deciding what side of fence you belong to.

On the other side, the efforts of the people, of the likes of creators of platforms such as this one, is deeply applauded and welcome change in the routine for not allowing the peddling of half-truths and lies of the mainstream media, it is a service people of my generation couldn’t enjoy due to the lack of such a stage in the past.

Meanwhile, to the youth, let us all try to get the discourse aimed towards the next big break in sciences, commerce, and the arts which would help our motherland get a leverage in dealing with the global forces.

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