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Sanatan manifesto: Deep belief in Ishwar

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Right wing is growing rapidly in India. Hindus are realizing the realities of the present times clearly with each passing day. The fantasy world created by media, education system and Bollywood is losing its hold over Hindu psyche. Sufi songs no longer sound beautiful. Hindus are no longer ignorant about the verses of Quran and Hadis. Hindu society which was deeply hypnotized by Bollywood is slowly coming out of the trance, all thanks to the efforts of the twitter handle Gems of Bollywood.

However, in these testing times Hindus need to remember the core of our civilization. The belief that immensely inspired warriors like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap and Guru Gobind Singh. That is the belief in Ishwar. A person’s motivation to fight for Dharma is directly proportional to his belief in Ishwar. No effort that is put to save our civilization will escape Ishwar’s notice. This fundamental truth should be imprinted in a Hindu Kshatriya’s mind.  

We may have our differences, but we are all putting efforts to save our civilization. From Ishwar’s viewpoint all efforts put by sons of Dharma are equal. The best translation of Dharma to English is not religion. Using ‘religion’ for Dharma is very misleading. Worse than that is calling Dharma a ‘way of life’. A word in English that comes closest to Dharma is ‘duty’.

Each son of Bharat has the duty to fulfil his Dharma, i.e. his duty towards his civilization. The level of commitment may vary. If I give one hour every day, there are men who give 10 hours a day for Dharma. Just giving five minutes to Dharma will nurture your soul and build spiritual strength in a man to give 15 hours per day in future. We aren’t perfect. In the present times we have more distraction than ever before. I too am a victim to the distractions of the internet age. Nevertheless, when it comes to serving Dharma I never forget my duty to give time every day. It gives me strength to overcome my vices and I have been successful to some extent. The sons who can serve Dharma even for two minutes every day have a very high standing in the eyes of Ishwar than a Nobel Prize winner in science who has zero intention of serving Dharma. Whoever is with me in serving Dharma is my brother. Whoever is not serving Dharma means nothing to me, even if he is the greatest person in the eyes of the world. The world is made of imperfect humans after all. Only Dharma is perfect.

The best way of protecting Dharma is living for Dharma. All efforts are equal in the eyes of Ishwar. The more you live for Dharma the closer Ishwar will be with you. Your body is going to perish. The world is going to end. Universe is going to end. Your Atman will remain. Dharma will remain and Ishwar will remain.

I live for fulfilling my role as a son of Bharat. I owe my flesh, blood, tears and happiness to the soil of my motherland which has generously nourished me. My duty is to serve with integrity for the most Dharmic civilization of the world. Because everything man made has an expiry day. They are superficial and have no value. Only Dharma is supreme.

Har Har Mahadev

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