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The Indian republic and its long drawn struggle with endemic viruses

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

As our Republic attains 71 years of age let us pause to reflect as to what has really been ailing her health in the back drop of some robust health exhibited by some Republics, which too were born around the same time as her. Many a times the effects of some mysterious ailments come to light pretty late by which time the treatment for the same becomes that much difficult depending up on how deep rooted the malady is. However, by sheer stroke of luck or some providential design certain events shape up to bring to surface the identity and nature of deep rooted maladies and thus facilitating right course of treatment. The arrival of BJP headed by Modiji is one such momentous event which has brought to light what was really ailing the health of the Republic.

As is often the case with many chronic illnesses the poor health condition is felt through exterior symptomatic manifestation of the underlying malaise. The symptoms of ill health that the republic displayed around year 2014 is highlighted in the following lines but it is in no way by itself a comprehensive list- unparalleled   corruption by politicians who were disdainfully disregarding their respect for the law and public scrutiny, flourishing of dynastic rule in political parties, the values of Democracy that upholds the will of the Majority was contravened, appeasement of selective religious communities in the name of endorsing secularism was being institutionalized, even after six decades many villages did not have electricity, schools and other basic amenities, the farming class encouraged their next generation to pursue anything other than farming. In the name of environmental protection, vested interests were keen on ensuring that the fruits of technological advances did  not reach the  tribal regions  because the  under developed inhabitations became fertile ground for religious conversions as well as for misleading people to take up armed struggle against the state, the education system was tinkered with to obscure the rich ancient heritage of the Land, the majority community of the population of was made to feel like second class citizens, there was  that marked apathy of the citizens towards political affairs of the country and many urbanites displayed  nonchalance towards exercising their franchise.

Just as in the life of a sick patient the change of scene, change in medical team and treatment methods   bring about improvements in health conditions, the advent of BJP under Modi in the political seat of India brought those positive signs of changes in the health of the ailing Republic. As days progressed the inherent constituents that were crippling the health of the Republic came to the fore on its own, without any diagnostic endeavors by the new medical team. The viruses that were breeding and flourishing under a very conducive environment hitherto was left so frustrated without the active feed from its past host that it started openly attacking the new leader and his dedicated team. Thus the Indian Nationals took notice of the nature and the real identity of these endemic viruses that were all along ruining the health of Indian Republic.  

Two  main family of viruses which had more or less similar genomes crept into the Republic surreptitiously  and proliferated by exploiting the fault lines in the political system. These two groups of viruses, with nomenclatures of “Islamisation” and “Evangelization” respectively capitalized on the greed of the politicians to retain power, without having to perform, just only by ensuring that these viruses had free and unhindered  path for their mushrooming.

As it turned out the forces letting loose these viruses on to the Indian Republic were so powerful and  influential that for greater period of time the forces in control of these viruses held sway over the government of the Republic. The forces in control of these viruses, operated through various dubious organizations that passed off as nongovernmental organizations operating for benevolent purpose.

In due course of time another deadly virus entered the Republic stealthily from across the eastern border. It started operating in tribal areas and underdeveloped rural areas and slowly crept in to urban areas. Whereas the first two kinds of viruses operated surreptitiously with a low profile, these one operated by directly entering the political system and challenging the state. This virus went by the name of Naxalism owing its parentage to Marxism.

As enumerated in virology studies, the viruses are basically parasitic in nature in the sense they cannot sustain its growth on its own but need to attach itself to a host cell to propagate. It relies upon enablers and carriers to reach its host cells.

The News media which joined forces with some unscrupulous and misguided intellectuals branding themselves as Liberals were too eager to play the role of the enabler for these three deadly viruses that held Republic as its target. The enabling role of these supposedly apolitical group envisaged making enough noises to deter the authorities from going on sanitation drives to depurate the environment free of these viruses. Any signs of sanitation initiative from the authorities evoked intense criticism from this gang. As to the reason for this inexplicable motivation for the Media – Liberal – intellectual’s nexus to volunteer eagerly for this enabler task, it would need a separate discussion.

By now it would be amply clear as to which entity was ready to play the role of the carrier for these viruses. The political parties keen on holding on to power to multiply their personal fortunes even at the cost of bleeding the Republic went out of the way to facilitate the unhindered growth of these viruses and in the process abetted the accomplishment of grand designs of the master controllers of these viruses.

The hapless Republic, till the  new  govt  took over, was under the delusion that it was being governed by the government of the people. It hardly had any inkling that even though the govt was positioned in the driver’s seat  the wheels of the Nation  moved as per  the  pace and direction set by back seat occupants who  were the Master controller of the virus invasion program. These forces did not have a single facet of identity and many organizations combined to make up this force.

For many decades the governing system under the grip of Master controllers of the virus invasion program was working as per the master plan. The entire stealth colonizing army comprising of virus controllers, viruses themselves, the enablers and the carriers were very much aware of the threat posed by a renowned specialist with proven credentials to spoil their colonizing plan. However despite their concerted effort over a decade to checkmate him and sideline him they could not prevent this specialist from taking charge of the Republic. This specialist was a unique person as his immunity level was really stupefying. The normal immunity disruptors like dishonesty, greed for self aggrandizement were nowhere to be found near him.  

As soon as the new specialist took charge with his new Team, in many places without him having to do anything significant, auto sanitization started taking place and the viruses started feeling the heat. Then with  various other significant vaccination programs like- Direct benefit transfer system to beneficiaries,  demonetization, digital tracking of money transfer, forcing the closure of various nongovernmental organization operating as catalysts for these virus system, eliminating  gender discriminating personal laws,  Bringing in strict enforcement of law against forced or deceitful religious conversions, revoking the special status to some sates  which were the  main breeding ground for many deadly virus families, Citizen ship amendment act, FCRA act etc– the virus network was getting endangered by this onslaught of progressive vaccination programs to render them ineffective and make the Republic immune to their further attack.

The entire unit of virus invasion army came out in the open, challenging the new specialist head and his  team to prevent further progress of the vaccination programs. As was to be expected the viruses stitched together a great solidarity amongst themselves because they all faced extinction/immobilization from the  various vaccination programs unleashed so far and  from other vaccination schemes that were still in the pipe line. In their desperation they have thrown caution to the wind and the covert operation which was their main strength that enabled them a smooth sail so far stood discarded. The common public became fully aware of the nefarious designs of this sinister network. The general public who entrusted the fate of the health of the Republic in the hands of their Specialist  head shockingly realized the nature of the arduous task their leader has taken up upon himself and the various adverse conditions that he was required to battle it out.

The people of the Republic having also envisioned the future ramification for the Republic if these deeply entrenched viruses are not sterilized  thoroughly, have made up their mind and have resolved to give their  Leader a full support and a longer time frame to immunize the republic from these viruses. They have clearly registered in their mind the futility of expecting a quick fix from their Leader and getting exasperated by the lack of it. Thus the very purpose of the endemic virus system to dislodge their adversary is proving to be counterproductive.

The surveys carried out by various agencies on the popularity of the leader of the Republic, who while continuously tackling persistent threat from the endemic viruses is also successfully bracing the world wide epidemic, have revealed that around 70 to 75% of the survey participants are willing to back their leader Modiji to the hilt. The general mood of the people in the Republic is also buoyed by the way their leader has reached out to other developing Nations combating this deadly pandemic by offering them for free the indigenously developed vaccines. This outreach has raised the stature of their Leader many folds higher than the leaders of the developed world.   

Finally it is there for everyone to  see that the entire saga of upheaval in the Indian Republic can be traced to three ideological viruses- the Islamisation, Evangelization and the Communism vying to dominate the Republic. Although they are in synch now, one of them will go on to dominate the other two at the earliest opportunity. The Uyghur events cannot be brushed aside. It would be puerile to assume that the viruses will vanish on its own. No way! They will be always around. The best option is to checkmate the enablers and the carriers without whose assistance the viruses would get immobilized. The common man needs to checkmate through Ballot boxes the virus carriers and the educated lot should take on the virus enablers (Media– Liberal nexus)  by exposing their dubious agenda continuously through active use of social media platforms.     

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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