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The saint who addressed UN Millenium Summit

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2000 was the year when the United Nations was planning to shape the world’s existing situation in the Grand Millenium Summit. It was a meeting that gave birth to the Concept of Millenium Development Goals. To address humanities’ biggest challenges, Gender equality and Poverty, Healthcare and Sanitation with Environmental sustainability, this summit was a big event for the world.

Total eight goals were designed, and the developing and developed countries signed the resolution to achieve these goals by 2015. It was a big event for the welfare of the underprivileged populace of developing or emerging countries.

What was more important was the attendance of an Indian Monk in this summit of peace and religion. The world listened and listened patiently to Yug Purush MahaMandeleshwar Swami Parmanand Giri Ji Maharaj.

Shri Maharaj Ji is a renowned name in the international and national circuits. Shri Maharaj Ji is the respected guru of Sadhvi Didi Maa Ritambhara Ji. He is also core founder of the VatsalyaGram, the well-known concept of its kind. The welfare of the underprivileged people by him makes him a saint of love, care and compassion. His service to humankind is impeccable.

Swamiji is an enlightened scholar and yoga teacher. He is a philosopher, spiritual leader and a counsellor. He is continuously enlighting the disciples by teachings on various aspects of life.

In India, Swamiji has more than 50 ashrams across the width and length of the nation. Swamiji has established 16 schools and colleges in the remote areas for those underprivileged and marginalised sections of our society. There are five hospitals to his name as well.

We should idealise personalities like swamiji who dedicate life for the welfare of society. The Saint who once enlightened the session of UN summit is the real Pride of India.

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