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A look back in 2020 and planning 2021

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Just months ago, we looked at our life in despair. We damned the year 2020 and the celebrations that preceded to greet and welcome the awful year. 

As we were consigned to a life of hopelessness induced by the novel COVID19 pandemic, we began to feel the rough patches of confining ourselves within our homes even as the Human Saviours aka doctors, health workers, police personnel put their lives on the line to keep the virulent virus on the prowl at bay. Hat tip to them for sticking to their ground without backing down an inch.

We lost precious lives in the millions and we are still counting. But nevertheless, a ray of hope descended on humanity with some of the potential anti-viral vaccines – developed & manufactured on fast-track – being allowed emergency use authorisation globally. 

The pandemic-driven year 2020 has awfully dealt a heavy blow to the livelihoods of many, some of whom downed their shutters to walk miles to homes. The silver lining, for now, is the vaccine that can give us a new lease of life or take us back to our normal life. 

As we usher in the New Year 2021 with gusto, let’s not forget the lessons learned in the gloom and doom year. With these few words that crossed my mind, I would like to wish each one of you A very Happy New Year 2021! 

God Bless!

The author is a media professional.

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