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2021 challenges

Decoding it for the generalia: OTT rules, 2021

While the restrictions are strict, this strictness is justified in light of the recent impact the OTT shows have had on the society.

A look back in 2020 and planning 2021

As we usher in the New Year 2021 with gusto, let’s not forget the lessons learned in the gloom and doom year.

नववर्ष में अपेक्षायें व हमारा उत्तरदायित्व

मजबूत इच्छाशक्ति और आत्मबल से हम स्वयं में बदलाव लाकर "परिवार, समाज, देश" को दीर्घकालीन लाभप्रद स्थिति प्रदान कर सकते हैं तो उस पर दृढ़ निश्चय से हम सभी को प्रयत्न अवश्य करना चाहिए।

2020: An unprecedented, unpredictable, and uncertain year

Who could have imagined that the “unique 2020” would ironically turn into the most "unprecedented, unpredictable, and uncertain 2020" of historic proportions, perhaps not even worth remembering and writing about?

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