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Why India has communal problem

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It is a fact that before 1947, the indigenous Muslim people of today’s Pakistan were not the main support base of Indian Muslim League. The main support base of Indian Muslims League was concentrated in UP, Bihar, and Bengal with Jinnah from Bombay. It is funny to recollect that Muslims of Bihar, UP, Delhi, and Bombay and Madras Presidencies were hardcore and violent supporters of Muslim League (to create Islamic Pakistan), though they knew that their area would never be included in Pakistan. Very few Muslims of those areas were supporters of Indian National Congress.

Based on 1941 census report, it can be estimated that there were about 20 millions of Muslims in United Province (present UP), Bihar, Delhi, Central Province (present MP), Madras and Bombay Presidencies during 1947. Barring exceptions, all of those 20 million were staunch supporters of Indian Muslim League.

Following partition of India during August 1947, only around 3 millions of Muslim League supporter from above stated areas migrated to Pakistan who later became known as Urdu speaking ‘Mohajir’. But rest 17 millions of hard core believers in ‘two nation theory’ and ‘theocratic Islamic state’ did not migrate and stayed back in India with their inflamed Islamic ego.

The first Prime Minister of India, who was a classic case wishful thinker, offered those 17 million hard core supporters of Indian Muslim League a secular India. Most of those Indian Muslims became Congress supporters and overt believers in ‘secularism’. This was an impossible development as per the history of Islam. Nehru never learned from his vast knowledge of history that those 17 millions of Indian Muslims would never be able to reconcile with secular India against the teaching of Islam.

All of India’s current Islam/Muslim related problems can be traced back to the descendents of those 17 millions of Indian Muslim League supporters. One can add to this the present day Islamists of Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka, Gujarat, Telengana and Kerala etc..

So, future of India was messed up just after 1947. Dr Ambedkar was an exponent of complete exchange of population in the event of partition. But Nehru and Congress could neither save non-Muslims of Pakistan (and Bangladesh), nor could Indianise the descendants of Indian Muslim Leaguers. Gradually with development of leftist, liberal and secular Indian Hindus, who have been supporting Islamist cause, the situation has turned for the worse now.

And the communal problem of India goes on.

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