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Foxes and buffalo: Educated ignorant (2/n)

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In the vast grasslands of Africa was a big herd of buffalo’s. They used to wander together, eat grass, and drink from river, save themselves from predators. Life was a normal routine for them. It was a big herd of thousand buffalo and each had a different way of thinking. One day few foxes entered their herd. Few buffalo’s opposed it saying they are danger but many believed on them. Foxes promised that they are no danger and are just like them. Majority won and ten foxes were allowed to live in the herd.

Buffaloes who opposed them were termed as extremist and side-lined. Foxes had a witty brain, they started poaching young buffalo. They made them believe that you are a fox in the skin of buffalo. You should eat meat not grass. You should not engage with other buffalos. Get ready to defend the fox community.

In few months, the herd got divided into three parts. One were the foxes and their proxies. Second were the extremist buffalo and third were normal, who wanted no conflict and live life peacefully. The extremist were not good at communication but the foxes and proxies were. They made other buffalos accept that one day in a year, believing like foxes isn’t bad. It makes them feel good and safe being a minority.

One day turned into two and two into week. Week turned into month and slowly the young buffalo’s became foxes. They broke the herd and made small groups to hunt every day.

Why foxes did this? Cause for them hunting one from big herd was difficult. Even when buffalo’s believed them to be fox, they were buffalo. Small groups slowly got hunted and the herd of buffalos finished.

I certainly have no problem with you eating Christmas cake or wine. I have no problem if you want to dress yourself with red coat and hat. I have no problem if you want to believe that someone will come in midnight and gift you, though you have no chimney in your home. I have no problem if you just want to enjoy the festival.

Where I do have problem, is when you act as a brainwash. When you don’t have the knowledge, nor the willingness to know. When you fight against people, who think for you, for the foxes. Minority of a country can imitate majority but majority should not imitate minority. Foxes can try to be buffalo but buffaloes should not try to be foxes.

Know the history before you celebrate anything. Understand the history and make your mind so when you eat a cake, it’s just a cake you are eating and not the history behind it. Not a relevant point but there was Geeta Jayanti on the day of Christmas, how many of us did actually knew it? I have no problem if you remember 25 December but I have problem, when you are made to remember 25 December and forget ‘Kartik Amavasya’. If you are one of them then you are brainwashed but don’t worry, you are not alone!

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