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Foxes and buffalo: Educated ignorant (2/n)

Know the history before you celebrate anything. Understand the history and make your mind so when you eat a cake, it’s just a cake you are eating and not the history behind it. Not a relevant point but there was Geeta Jayanti on the day of Christmas, how many of us did actually knew it? I have no problem if you remember 25 December but I have problem, when you are made to remember 25 December and forget ‘Kartik Amavasya’. If you are one of them then you are brainwashed but don’t worry, you are not alone!

Dharma deciphered

This article will make it clear once and for all regarding what Dharma is all about; what conforms to Dharma and what does not - and how it is relevant to each and every individual on earth for the well-being and evolution of mankind.

बुद्धिजीवियों, अपनी ना-समझी का दोष वेदों को मत दो

अपनी नासमझी की वजह से किसी भी काव्य के अर्थ को अनर्थ ना किया जाय|

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