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Anil Vij COVAXIN incident proves the authenticity of vaccine trials

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Haryana Minister Anil Vij tested positive for COVID19, 15 days after volunteering for COVAXIN phase 3 trials. He was admitted to civil hospital in Ambala Cantt. This incident resulted in spreading of misinformation and incomplete information about vaccine on social media platforms.

Thankfully, Bharat Biotech maker of COVAXIN issued a statement and clarified soon. “Covaxin clinical trials are based on a 2-dose schedule, given 28 days apart. The vaccine efficacy will be determined 14 days post the 2nd dose. Covaxin has been designed to be efficacious when subjects receive both doses. The phase-3 trials are double-blinded and randomized, where 50% of subjects (participants in the trial) receive vaccine and 50% of subjects receive placebo” said Bharat Biotech.

This incident proves that COVAXIN trials is absolutely authentic and as per scientific norms. The phase 3 trials are indeed double blinded and randomised where it’s not known that subject is given vaccine or placebo. And, that’s the scientific process and perfectly okay.

We don’t know that whether minister was given vaccine or placebo and we should not demand to know until final results are unbounded. And that’s science.

We should be patient and restrain from spreading misinformation related to vaccine on social media. Governments and social media companies must ensure that misinformation related to vaccine is removed from social media platforms.

Let’s be patient, hope for the best, believe in official sources, fact-check everything before believing and not spread fake information.

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