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Which way do I move? Purpose of Rashtra

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I am watching her dance and figuring out everything else.

You are taught history. Why do you study it? You answer it to yourself. Now ask why did you answer what you answered? Is it because you heard others also answering the same? if not then good.

The only way I can move is ahead. What is ahead? Ahead means to think of solutions and not problems. Solutions cant be found if we don’t have a motive. What should be the motive? To understand ourselves. So, we have to understand ourselves, we develop a civilization in which every one is categorized just on the basis of understanding oneself and this categorization is done on self basis. Present the people with categories and let them choose the categories. As they will develop, they will keep moving ahead. But then, new people will be born. That’s why we have civilization.

civilization is such a grand machine in which input is a new born baby and output is the enlightened one.

But many will not be able to attain enlightenment in their lifetime. Only one reason- they were not doing correct karma. What is karma? Everything you do remaining inside the civilization .Then what will happen to them? I am no one to answer this, the realized beings who envisaged the concept of civilization have told their sukshma sharir takes rebirth again in another body.

I need to clarify here that, why do I base my assumptions on this one statement? I also thought about it. Then I realized that the scheme of civilization is compatible with this one theorem. All else doesn’t lead to a sustainable civilization. this means the realized ones must have known about this and having faith on them I may also get salvation. You must be aware that you are reading this with your intellect and your self. If you stop analyzing this, then you would be indifferent to anything which I write. This is your self. But when you start analyzing this, you will start raising questions and start verifying everything. Thus, you and I are interacting with intellect but those who gave the above statement of rebirth, they were the universe themselves. They don’t have to analyze anything, they just state something, and that’s it. This method stating something is called as confidence (it’s another fact that it is very lower form of the statements made by the universe itself). 

Thus what is everything? What is the scheme of being? When we say we have to establish civilization to enable each and everyone to realize this and not know this, we are moving ahead.

Om shanti Om

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I am watching her dance and figuring out everything else.
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