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Tantra – A path for spiritual aspirants

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A semi-retired IT professional and a student of Tantra and Yoga with faith in our Srutis and Smritis.

Abuse of Hindu spiritual practices like Tantra Shastra, when non-Hindus commit crimes has become a habit for the Hindu-hating mainstream media trolls like Times of India. Tantra is a Hindu spiritual discipline which has Moksha as the destination, just like Yoga, Vedanta and other paths of knowledge. It has nothing to do with fake Muslim babas who are frauds of the worst category. No Tantra practitioner would ever initiate such low-level criminals into Tantra Shastra. What exactly is Tantra, let’s take a look.

The word Tantra is made up of two syllables, “tanoti” which means extend, and “trayati” which, in the context here, means liberation. Tantra expands the mind and liberates the soul from the trappings of the material world. Tantra envisions the individual representing all dimensions of the universe within him. In Tantric philosophy, the expanding nature and diffusion of the universe is envisioned in a compact form within the individual. The pinnacle of Tantric sadhana is merging of jivatma, with the aid of Shakti (Prakriti) into Shiva (Purusha i.e. ParaBrahma). Thus, the Vedic Mahavakya, “Aham Brahmasmi” applies so wonderfully to this Tantric concept as well. As a Sadhak progresses on to the higher levels of Sadhana, the concepts of Yoga and Tantra become harmonious, and have many similar practices (e.g. Dharana and higher levels). The Samaya Marga of Tantra has similarities with the Vedic approach. Unlike Vedic path, which has a Satvik approach from the beginning, Tantra has room for people with different inborn nature, and through suitable training and practice, brings them on to the spiritual plane. Without going into the details, to give of glimpse of what Tantra covers, just know that the Sri Yantra contains the whole Brahmand within it. Through the practice of Sri Vidya, one of the best upasanas still in existence, one can realize this truth. The wide scientific aspect of Tantra, just like the concepts of Vedanta are mind boggling and modern science through the mode of quantum physics only touches the borders of spiritual might of Sanatan Dharma. The zone beyond that belongs to Rishis, attainable only by Sadhaks, who have full Shraddha in our Srutis and Smritis. The schools of Tantra were established by Brahmajnani Rishis mentioned in our Puranas and Itihasas. This was a very brief look into the true spiritual nature of Tantra.

Tantric rituals, derived from now extant portions of Atharva Vedha also involve modification of energies to achieve material goals (bhukti). These practices including Abhicharam require a level of expertise which is rarely found in this age of degeneration. It can take decades of practice to attain Mantra Siddhi. Most people are simultaneously raised to such spiritual levels by that time, that they don’t use those skills for material gain and instead ignore them as a distraction to Sadhana. So, the so called commercial Tantriks (i.e. the Hindus, not going insult Tantra by calling apostate Muslim babas by that term) selling remedies, are with very rare exceptions, frauds, preying on the minds of weak and vulnerable people seeking shortcut solutions to problems. Their remedies do not work. The remedies depending on many other factors exist, yes, they do, but these frauds don’t possess the skills or knowledge to implement them. Remedies via homams, pujas and other rituals recommended by competent astrologers, and performed by skilled, trained Tantra and Vedic pujaris who dedicate their life to this field, do work, if performed perfectly. But keep in mind, Karma has a way of catching up with you in a different way, if you continue to practice Adharma.

The most important fact is, any individual practicing Tantra has to be a Hindu which includes Buddhists (HH, the Dalai Lama has himself said, Buddhism is not separate from Hinduism). The process of initiation into Tantra involves finding compatibility of the individual with the Devata whose Mantra he is being considered for initiation. Even if a non-Hindu conceals his identity, the process will eliminate him by showing non-compatibility. Basic astrological concepts like Nimittas are also known to people who teach Tantra Shastra, fooling them wont usually work. Even if they get initiated, a person without Sraddha in Sanatan Dharma can never master Tantra Shastra. In the Vivekachudamani of Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya, “Sraddha” i.e. unshakeable faith, is mentioned as an essential requirement for success in Sadhana (Sadhana Chatusthayam under the ShatakaSampatti section). Same applies to Tantric Sadhana/Upasana as well. A non-Hindu does not have faith in our scriptures or rituals, so they can never succeed in mastering them. The criminal Muslim Babas who offer remedies to ignorant people are frauds who have absolutely nothing to do with Tantra. No real practitioner will ever initiate Abrahamics into Tantra as they are not qualified to learn it (nor is any Hindu without faith in scriptures and God). There never was and never will be a Muslim Tantrik. Period.

Calling such people Tantriks is an insult to Hinduism and such abusers should be prosecuted and imprisoned for deliberate maligning of Sanatan Dharma. The reason why these filthy liars like TOI peddle such lies, is to blame Hindus and divert attention from problems within the Muslim community. Because majority of Hindus preferred to remain ignorant or just didn’t care, such MSM abusers got away in the past. Now, with Social Media, few news portals including Opindia, Swarajya etc and Hindu organizations exposing such lies, TOI and other anti-Hindu MSM cant whitewash crimes by Muslims and other minorities. Muslims claiming to be Tantriks is blasphemy as per Sharia (rituals of pagans are not permitted), but none of the Fatwa issuing Mullahs ever care to go after these frauds. If the likes of radical Islam spreading Deobandis, instead of spreading hatred against “kafirs”, spent their time and effort in cleaning up Islam, they would be helping their own community.

Denial of the truth is not the path of Dharma, so this has to be spoken. Tantric rituals where animal sacrifices are referred to, do exist. But evolved Tantra experts know that meat is just a symbolic representation, it doesn’t refer to the actual killing and offering of an animal. Jagadguru, Adi Shankaracharya reformed these practices in Tantra and you can find the same being followed in most temples in Kerala (which are quite different from rest of the country and still maintain strict Tantric rituals and practices without interruption since thousands of years). I am personally against any killing of animals, because it is cruel and done out of ignorance. But as long as the govt allows poultry farms and selling of meat, its hypocrisy to oppose rituals where the animals are killed in jhatka method without torturing them as in Halal. Whatever is offered as bali, say a chicken, is consumed as food. The animal sacrifices are actually performed (even today some temples follow this) by pujaris who are different from conventional Tantris, mainstream Tantra is now more or less tuned to Jagadguru Shankaracharya’s corrections to such practices.

If someone points out Aghoris and calls their practices an abhorrent side of Hinduism, just let them know, there were no Aghoris in ancient India. What those wretches do is to entertain foreign tourists and have no scriptural sanction. Its got nothing to do with Sanatan Dharma, the term “Aghora” meant something different. Kena Ram’s followers are as fake as the Muslim babas. But that’s another topic altogether and will require a full article to dismiss it.

In conclusion, Tantra is a spiritual discipline which has as much divine sanction as our Srutis and Smritis. Those who disrespect Tantra Shastra will definitely face divine retribution.

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः।

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A semi-retired IT professional and a student of Tantra and Yoga with faith in our Srutis and Smritis.
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