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Review of Indian democracy by departed leaders

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Bimal Mohapatra
Qualified PGD in Journalism & Mass Communication from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Kolkata and MA & MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University. At present, I teach Marketing Management and related Management papers to B. Tech., MBA & BBA students in Trident Group of Institutions in Bhubaneswar, Odisha as Assistant Professor.

As per the determined demand of highly annoyed departed souls of freedom fighters, who had dreamed that their mother land to be a vibrant global democratic power but as they lately noticed the progress was not to their expectation, the Father of the Nation (FoN) convened a meeting of Working Committee of freedom fighters for review of the progress. Among the souls invited were Chacha PM, Iron Man, the Father of the Constitution (FoC), Maullana Saheb, Lok Nayak, Goongi Gudiya, Kingmaker, Kalinga Bull and Sweeper Singh.

All but Chacha PM and Goongi Gudiya were found wanting at the scheduled time. This provoked comments from souls’ present.

The FoC was very impatient, and shouted, “Bapu, they won’t come. They know they’re the main culprits and will be blasted today. So…” And latter turning to other participants when he found his views have many takers, he furthered, “Hero worship in democracy is bad and sure way to destruction. This I had warned at the first sight of the same during Chacha PM’s rule. So, he employed all his means to remove me from politics.” 

Closing the book, dejected Maulana raised his head and jeered, “And you the outspoken voice at the time run away leaving the field to be occupied by sycophants.” 

“What to do … otherwise? You wanted me to remain there which was increasingly getting packed by sycophants,” replied FoC and cited, “Was not that suffocating? And Lord Buddha was very kind to listen my prayer.”

Everybody was stunned with the reply. Pin drop silenced ruled for a while.

Breaking the silence, as if a late thought had hit him, FoC looked at Maullana angry, and growled, “Why were you silent ….. Maulanaji?”

Maulana responded with pain, “Dear brother, what could I do? I was so morally down with Quaid-i-Azam’s foolishness of getting ‘Land of Pure’. If I was outspoken, anybody could jeer down me. This thought had been hunting me every now and then.”

“So you preferred to keep quiet and enjoy power,” told FoC with rejection.

Bowing down, Maulana said, “You have every right to have your opinion in this democratic forum.”

“Don’t attack each other,” told unhappy Bapu, and later turned to Lok Nayak who told, “I should not be free from blame for my silence towards Chacha PM’s design when he appointed his daughter goongi gudiya as Congress President in 1959 which helped her enter Congress Party politics. Again, I could not apprehend then that this goongi gudiya could be so dangerous that she could even go the extent of arresting me for my opposition to Allahabad High Court verdict, and impose draconian Emergency”.

But, to the surprise of all, Kalinga Bull looking at the FoC asked, “You are so learned. How could you not apprehend that there’s scope of encroachment of dynasty rule into democratic system? You should have made a constitutional provision to stop a person to be PM for more than two terms like the one is there in US constitution for its President which could have successful prevented dynasty rule there thus making the US democracy the most successful and vibrant in the world?”

At this point of time, the sweeper of goongi gudiya curling his moustache roared, “What moral right KB, whose son is a CM and uses his political legacy, has to speak on this issue?”

Kalinga Bull was furious. He got angry and about to rush towards Singh like seen in Parliament but prevented by Lok Nayak as instantly cued by apostle of peace. To cool down the Kalinga Bull his long-time associate, Lok Nayak explained, “Politically novice bachelor, might have exploited his father’s legacy to come to power, yet nobody can prove that KB had promoted his family members and facilitated building of his political dynasty like seen in Teen Murthi. Only after KB joined us, his son was drafted to politics by vested interest to loot mineral rich Odisha using him as a mascot.”

Morally disgusted Kingmaker cried, “I am sorry to promote goongi. I could not ever think that the most learned and the alumni of London School of Economics based in the oldest democracy, and his daughter could be so undemocratic that they would promote undemocratic dynasty politics. Being a school dropout, I always had weakness towards university educate from the West.” 

Sweeper growl in vengeance, “Let my benefactors come, I’ll see how many of you speak in front of them?”

No sooner sweeper had stopped; there was a big knock at the door as if a mortar had hit it. Sweeper rushed to the door instantly assuming his rescuer had come. But looking at the new comer as he opened the door, he fainted as if a lion has landed in front of him to swallow. All others but the FoN though were surprised seeing unseen since 1945 rushed to welcome him.

All in unison asked, “Friend, where were you leaving your Mother Land so deprived for so long?”

Beating the table, the FoN shouted, “Sorry, no uninvited is allowed to disturb the democratic talk. Sorry Netaji, you can go. Further, you are a War Criminal declared by the oldest Democracies on the Earth. Hence, you are an undesirable persona in democracy review meeting.”

As Netaji took a U-turn, all fans of him looked at elderly Iron Man to iron out their problem. But to their dismay, he preferred to remain obediently silent bending his head. Unhappy members looked at each other’s face in dismay. Finally, outspoken FoC jeered, “Your silence does not fit your Iron Man status. You could consolidate nation threatening hundreds of mighty princes, but remained silent when the most crucial decision of party ‘who to be the first PM?’ was hijacked by the FoN in favour of Chacha PM. Here too, you are silent when a great patriot is humiliated. These are disservice to nation.”

Following Netaji departure, masked Dada came rushing. Everybody looked at him expecting anything positive.

“What we could not do in so far as dismantling dynasty politics is concerned, a bachelor and son of poor platform tea-seller having no Democratic West’s education is about do,” told Dada assuring, and later continued, “So far, he has invalidated Chacha PM’s dynasty. And Abdullah, Mufti, Badal, Yadav, Pilot, Pawar, Naidu, Patnaik, Khan, etc. etc. are struggling to save their turfs. Many more will follow. His pressure is so powerful that the son of the man, who used to say a few years back “Jab tak hey samosha may alloo, tab tak hey Bihar may Lalu” refused to quote dynasty legacy in just concluded election for Pateliputra throne.”

“Is it?” asked FoN flashing his eyes as if he got a new lease of life, and continued, “Thank God, very soon, people will forget my undemocratic decision.”

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Bimal Mohapatra
Qualified PGD in Journalism & Mass Communication from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Kolkata and MA & MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University. At present, I teach Marketing Management and related Management papers to B. Tech., MBA & BBA students in Trident Group of Institutions in Bhubaneswar, Odisha as Assistant Professor.

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