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Constitution of India

Digression from constitutionalism by constitutional authorities

the attempt of NJAC was a good step in the field of improving judicial accountability in the form of collegium system, however, it was not free from loopholes as discussed.

Snatching from ‘deserved’ and gifting to ‘reserved’

The reservation policy is slowly and steadily hollowing out our system. Isn’t it time for it to be redefined ? How long will it continue?

Legal Article: Examining the Constitutionality of the Constitution (Schedule Caste) order, 1950

It is unjust, unfair, unreasonable to make the vulnerable community (Dalits) choose between their fundamental rights and the protectoral benefits under SC/ST Act,1989.

King’s Sceptre and Bishop’s Crook: The personal law conflict under Article 13

When human society first developed on an appreciable scale, the concept of a well-organized and efficient State exercising the tools of civil, political, and coercive power was not as well-developed as it is today. The traditional role of the law, thus, in acting as the arbiter between persons, was taken over by an institution far more pervasive and powerful: religion.

माननीय सीजेआई रमना, कृपया हमें शिक्षित करें कि भारत का सर्वोच्च न्यायालय किस ‘संविधान’ का अनुसरण कर रहा है?

महोदय, कृपया हमें यह भी शिक्षित करें कि संविधान के किस भाग में कहा गया है कि अपराधियों और आतंकवादियों को पीड़ितों और नागरिकों की तुलना में अधिक अधिकार प्राप्त हैं।

Constitutional morality- Need to uphold it

Upholding constitutional morality is not just the duty of the judiciary but also of individuals. The preamble of the constitution explicitly mentions the type of society we wish to establish.

क्या आप जानते हैं कि भारत का संविधान हस्तलिखित है?

आपको इस तथ्य से अवगत होने में आश्चर्य महसूस होगा कि पूरे संविधान को लिखने के लिए किसी भी उपकरण का इस्तेमाल नहीं किया गया था अपितु दिल्ली के रहने वाले स्व श्री प्रेम बिहारी नारायण रायजादा ने अपने हाथों से इटैलिक शैली में इस विशालग्रंथ, अर्थात संपूर्ण संविधान को लिखा था।

पूर्ण स्वराज दिवस की जयन्ती- गणतन्त्र दिवस

26 जनवरी वाला दिन हमें हमारे संविधान का महत्व तो समझाता ही है साथ ही साथ यह पर्व न केवल हमें पूर्ण स्वतंत्रता की अनुभूति कराता है बल्कि हमारे अंदर आत्मगौरव भी भरता है।

Reason to celebrate our constitution

ommon man's law is a belief that “justice prevails” is inculcated in mind of every individual who succumbs to corruption and disrespect in the regime of law and judiciary over the decades gets its energy from the provisions of law.

Constitution curtailing civilization?: Article 30 and Article 25 of Indian Constitution

Should our constitution be termed as a secular constitution when it unleashes discrimination against Hindus? Read these two articles who stand firmly against Indic resurgence and are Anti-Hindu by their very nature.

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