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Joshua Project and the need for an anti-conversion law

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The conversion factories in Bharat are a silent threat to the demography of this nation. Recently I came across a website named and I was shocked to see it First thing, What is Joshua Project? It is surely a multinational company which is in the business of converting not only marginalized but even the mainstream people to Christianity.

The precise planning, the in-depth study of various ethnic groups, the economics of these people, and their belief system by Christian missionaries is a thing to worry about. Sadly, the mainstream media lacks the courage to show these things and also there are no stringent laws against conversions. The website is so well planned and executed that one with a neutral mind can easily get attracted to it., the part of this website which shows, how many people they have reached and how they have to reach millions, and the ways to achieve it.

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As you open this section, the first thing you see is this part which shows the population of Bharat, the population till which this project has reached, and the population which is yet to know about this Joshua project. Then there are sections below which have been divided into various categories including states, languages, communities, etc.

Each section has a detailed classification, percentage-wise distribution, and a number of things to study. These people are not only successful in converting people from each and every section of society. The conversion rates are also given here. One number that is disturbing since the day I visited this website is, the global conversion rate of Christian missionaries is at 2.6% while in Bharat it is at 3.9%, isn’t this worrying? 5 to 6% population of the states like Andhra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu are already converted while the North-easter part of our nation is literally in the hands of these people. The Joshua Project has nearly reached 40% in the state of Sikkim,22% In Assam and 27% in Tripura, and 13% in Odisha. The numbers of states like Nagaland and Mizoram are shocking. 90% of the population is in the hands of these conversion factories !!!! 90 %! Can you imagine?

On average, the Joshua Project has reached 10% of the total population of Bharat. They have a database of all the ethnic groups of people in our nation, they know the weak points and they know that there exists a rift in the society which is beneficial for their mission of conversion. In a few years, if they are able to reach 10% of the population which 13.5 Crore people, just imagine the number of people they will reach in the coming years. The conversions are extremely harmful to the demography of our nation. One by one, the Hindus will lose importance, will lose their land and one day lose their identity. If the government doesn’t take any strict action against these people and doesn’t bring the anti-conversion law, we will be doomed!

The Hindus will surely get vanished and the reason behind this will be Hindus themselves. In the coming days, I will share more details about these conversions AND SUCH PROJECTS!

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