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Crisis of nationalism in India 2020

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Nationalism isn’t just a term for Indians it is a mutual feeling of love that united us originated from the pain and suffering faced by our ancestors who yielded their life freeing one human from the bondage of another human. When we speak about our national history thousands of names bring tears to our eyes because the selflessness those young had cannot be forgotten by our hearts. They understood the true meaning of Nation for them Nation is something which liberates a man from slavery gives them an identity of being a free man but nowadays the term Nation and it’s feeling of patriotism limits itself to such a lower standard where one man abuses a foreign nation and blames his minorities” is called a Nationalist instead of looking for solutions of the problem we attempt to move the fault on the different shoulder this driving Indian nation towards blind Nationalism aka Jingoism.

India is witnessing the cult of cultural nationalism where minorities confronted outrages, abuse due to their disparities in character which we seen from 1984 in Delhi mid-90s in Kashmir 2002 in Gujarat and 2020 Delhi were ideological contrasts blinded the entire country and divided it citizens on communal bases which is contrary to the idea of Bharatvarsh where all races were welcomed regardless of their differences.

In the efforts of imitating the west, we created new problems for our nation despite being the largest democracy we became so intolerant towards other opinions that truth is often projected as a conspiracy against the nation and those who are vocally stamped as anti-national. The brotherhood of India is corrupted by our fear which never existed outside but within our mind. We need to safeguard the integrity of this nation without compromising with the core values on which this very nation was formed. If we don’t do that, it will be betrayal to thousands of mothers who sacrificed their children in the name of the Nation. Indian patriotism ought not to be restricted to a specific limit but to enlighten the whole world by guiding the west towards love and cooperation between people. We must preserve the true values of Indian nationalism which is selflessness and fellowship until Indians acknowledge the necessity for the restoration of true core values Indian society will remain in a vulnerable state.

The hate and greed lying within made us so ignorant that we are denying the universal brotherhood due to selfishness and this notion of jingoism leading us towards catastrophe nothing else. It is always a valuable exercise to freshly imagine what our country means to us, but in doing so we would do well to remember that when it comes to divisions of race, ethnicity, and religious belief, the unforgotten is the destroyer of nations.

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