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How twins became the twin stars of valley

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Hatched in the bewitching drop of Takiya Batapora Tangmarg, plummets in the paddock of Gulmarg, the two young identical brothers namely Gowhar Bashir Bhat and Shakir Bashir Bhat made the entire valley pompous by Qualifying National Eligibility Entrance Test with effulgent tincture. It is a great saying that, “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hardwork” and the same was demonstrated by these two identical brothers.

Belonging to frugal background, being a twin sons of a private security guard, they did their secondary schooling from Muhammadia school and higher secondary education from government Higher secondary school both from their native town Kunzer Tangmarg. Both Gowhar and Shakir were so hardworking from the very beginning and passed all the exams with colossal attainments. The identical brothers sustained lot of austerity during their bumble because of financial crunch but instead of squeezing off from hope they put in every drop of blood to Chalk up their venerated pretension. Gowhar and Shakir have became the talk of the town after Qualifying the NEET 2020 by scoring 651 and 657 respectively. They have become inspiration for the entire young generation of the valley as such achievements are very rare.

Right After passing the 12th standard examination, they wanted to pursue medicine but couldn’t made it in the first attempt because of lack of guidance and financial support and were selected for Engineering in one of the Prestigious institutions of knowledge in Kashmir valley- The National Institute of Technology Srinagar but their inquisition to be a doctor didn’t stop here. They also participated in many other competitive exams besides NEET and came under the notice of the Major Rohit of 2RR camp Kunzer, falls stones throw of their aboriginal village. The company Commander espied their endowment and implicit to contribute to the society and nation at large by their script and troth them to hand all sine quo non assistance from the armed forces.The company commander stayed in touch continuously with both the brothers and kept them guiding and encouraging for their sacrosanct ambition.

The duo with the guidance and encouragement of Armed Forces finally achieved what they and their father dreamt for. Despite the situation in Kashmir valley, they made it possible to crack the entrance and enlightened the name of Kashmir valley among the stars. The duo gave a strong message to the people of Jammu & Kashmir that hardwork is the key to success and it never goes waste. Picking up guns and choosing the path of violence is not a solution but had always put us in dogs house. Kashmir will become heaven only when the youth will come together to pen down the future of valley by education rather than hero worshipping terrorists.

The duo marked a strong message to the youth that Kashmir needs a well educated environment to produce skillful doctors, Great lawyers, engineers and teachers to construct our better tomorrow. The Company commander and CEO A. S. Malik Shaib of 2RR kilo force went to the house of the duo and felicitated them with different rewards. Both the brothers were so happy and thanked the Armed forces for moral and financial support and mentioned guidance of armed forces as main reason for their success. The duo submitted that we can achieve what we aspire for only through our hardworking, dedication, patience and education. The twin along with their father thanked the armed forces for support and the concerned officer also assured them for help in future. The Armed forces must take steps to launch a flagship programe under which youth must be given free education, counselling and other assistance for various academic and competitive exams to give valley more visionaries who will glorify it with shinning colours.

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