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Dire need of judicial and police reforms

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Whenever any gruesome rape committed against any woman in India, why everyone starts trending #JusticeforXYZ? Why does no one demand judicial and police reforms? A woman is raped in India every 13 minutes, according to the country’s crime statistics. Modern India is unsafe for half her citizen. Is asking for mob and street justice is enough to defeat the rapidly increasing rape cases?

Why does no one demand to govt for the implementation of Justice JS Verma committee report in its letter and spirit? Why no one asks for strengthening the police corps for the preservation of the rule of law, which is a basic feature of our Constitution? Why does no one ask our govt to implement the directives of Prakash Singh case? 

Nirbhaya Fund, a supplementary fund which was set up in 2013, for enhancing the safety and security of women in the country largely remains underutilized by the states. Underutilization of fund shows the apathy of govt towards the women of our country.

Even after 70 years of independence, India is yet under the grasp of delayed decisions and denied justice. The ratio of judges per citizen is alarmingly inadequate with 17 per 1 million residents. India needs to wake up to the dire need for strengthening the judicial system.

We all should realise this today that implementation of law in its letter and spirit is the only surest way of securing the interest of victims. The need of hour is ensuring accountability, 100 % conviction and better enforcement of existing laws.

Otherwise, mere writing 2 liners on women safety, politicising the case, adding caste angle, accusing the political parties, calling the victim Sita and correlating the case with Ram Mandir, trending #JusticeForABC and demanding “Hang the rapist” will not change the situation. Rape will not stop by these dramas. 
Effective deterrence can emanate from sure, strict and swift justice only.

Crime against women must be taken up with the utmost importance from the societal perspective also. As we say, Home is the first school where every kid learns the basic etiquettes. We need to start this from home. While teaching the kids of our home G for ‘Girl’ also say, R for ‘Respect’. 

The nation has to account for its Naari Shakti.

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