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The parasites are moaning that no juice is left: The Congress crisis

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

Congress party is grappling with Leadership issues and the organizational decline. News media has been rife with unhappy congress veterans crossing swords with younger generation. Political analysts are  engrossed in trying to read between the twitter lines and theorizing over future political course of the party from various tweets emanating from congress party members.

Many outsiders are viewing this crisis in congress as a recent phenomena relating to uncertainty about the leadership issue the party facing the insiders pretend to let stay it that way. The ground level party workers are deluding themselves with this sophistry that everything else will settle down on its own if Rahul or Sonia firmly make up their mind to take the mantle of Congress Leadership. The Left Liberal hanger-on group is petrified with the prospect of congress splitting and dissipating. However many over look this fact that after Indira Gandhi the Gandhi family members were always a reluctant lot, who were pestered into politics by the parasites in the congress.

After Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death, the Machiavellian old guards of congress devised a plan to choose Indira Gandhi as the new leader of congress with the cunning plot that the party could avoid intra party squabble for the leadership and at the same time have their way with an inexperienced lady at the helm. Indira Gandhi showed her mettle and established her authority over the old guards by splitting the party and winning the elections triumphantly. The Indian politics reaffirmed the value of Nehru/Gandhi family name in winning elections. New gene of Parasites mushroomed in the congress.    

Right after  Indira  Gandhi, the congress lacked experienced leader cum politician in Gandhi family. The scenario perfectly suited the old guards of congress and they were happy inwardly because they could  manipulate the Leader to their covert designs. All that they needed to continue their merry making was Gandhi name and the Charisma associated with it. The crowd of parasites were lucky that Sanjay Gandhi was not around and thus had the best of their days in the Party after Indira Gandhi’s  assassination. They forced a reluctant Rajeev to take charge.

Rajeev Gandhi was a novice in Politics. He depended on the old guards to guide him. Rajeev had  reasonably good ability to organize and a good futuristic vision for the country but lacked experience in nuances of politicking to manage seasoned politicians trying to manipulate him. He also lacked the judgment in weighing out political ramification of various decisions and policies.    

After Rajeev’s assassination, Sonia was adamant that their family did not want anything to do with Politics. The Parasites agreed to let her wish prevail and Narasimha Rao became the PM. Many senior leaders of congress who could not have their ways with a seasoned politician like P. V. N. Rao chose to quit the party to start their own party. In the ensuing general elections when under Narasimha Rao the congress party failed to form the govt the congress veterans missed the Gandhi family name very badly. Sita Ram Kesari was forcibly removed as Congress president as the rest could not manipulate a seasoned politician like Sitaram Kesari, who controlled the party fund. Thus entered the Gandhi family again, after lot of pestering and hunger-strike drama by the party men, to take mantle of congress leadership. The parasites were celebrating the return of Sonia Gandhi to the party politic as if they had already won the elections. It was second time around that a reluctant Gandhi family member was cajoled to take up the leadership.

Somehow with some clever manipulations and aided by fickle minded Indian voters, Congress managed to grab a major foot hold in the power centre under Sonia Gandhi leadership and subsequently it mastered the art of coalition politics through Carrot  and stick policy (CBI dossier on and off).

After the Coalition headed by Congress took charge, the coalition partners indulged in boundless corruption. Congress party too ensured that its coffers were adequately stacked. There was not a single sane voice in the party then that was ready to warn those in charge about the impending disaster waiting to happen.

The entire congress party and the coalition system, having managed to keep BJP in the opposition benches in successive terms, was over confident about their time tested success formula in the general elections. The Muslim vote-bank plus the divided Hindu votes on caste considerations additionally supplemented by regional party votes can always thwart BJP from reaching the majority mark.

The calculations went awry thanks to some good ground work done by RSS cadres and its backing of Modi ignoring the reservations of senior BJP stalwarts. In the run up to the 2014 general elections  sensing the Modi wave, the CPM Supremo Buddadheb Bhattacharya openly blamed Congress party for  brightening up the chances of BJP to again get foot hold in the Delhi. They had all assumed that after two successive trampling of BJP the door was closed on BJP forever. They had such unflinching faith on their success formula for elections.

Congress party men as a matter of fact never wanted a strong leader to lead the Party. They always  wanted the celebrity name of Gandhi family which could get votes for them through their popularity  appeal and also at the same time could  hold the party together. All of them knew for sure that without the Gandhi Glue factor the party would fragment in the inevitable tussle for the Top positions. All that was required of the congressmen was to play up to the Ego of the family members while having  their  surreptitious designs accomplished by exploiting the lack of political acumen of the family members.

New generation of Indians who are least impressed by the waving hands of the Gandhis and less likely to be charmed by their synthetic smile had arrived in the voting arena. The growing aversion to the  looming Islamic terror widely spreading everywhere  and the downplaying of the same by the pseudo secular parties playing for Muslim gallery had stirred up the docile Hindu voter  base. The rags to riches stories of many Dalit leaders had awakened the Dalits to their plight of exploitation. Even the ‘disturb me not ‘middle class and upper middle class took active part in social media campaign in favor of BJP to expose the short sighted pseudo secular policy and the unmindful looting of the country under UPA. With almost 8% increased voter turnout Congress was decimated and so too the UPA. The increased turn out clearly evidenced increased public aversion towards coalition politics. There was no way out for stitching coalition against BJP. The success formula of UPA had come unstuck. BJP had arrived.  

The congress men still  believed  that 2014 was an aberration and counted on the fickle minded Indian voters to throw out BJP in 2019 for not keeping up with the poll promises. However  2019 came and went inflicting more humiliations to the Congress.

In business sphere all enterprises are expected to manage the successes as well as the failures in such a manner that the enterprise image is not eroded at any cost. The same principle is equally applicable to political organizations. Congress in their success indulged in unmindful scams as if there was no tomorrow and in their setback have been found even more reckless and irresponsible with their public posture of negative stance on many issues concerning the nation. Their intense rage towards Modi had  completely numbed their senses and the party men went on committing hara-kiri one after another in their fury to put down Modi. The Congress image has taken such a battering that it would take some years of hard work and perseverance to rebuild it.

Whatever introspection needed was in the aftermath of 2014 to recalibrate their political strategy. But unfortunately when the party leadership took perfunctory responsibility for the debacle and offered to step down, all the parasites fell one over other to prevail on the leadership to continue and expressed  their unwavering faith on the Leadership. The same script was reenacted in the after math 2019 debacle.

Rahul feels let down by the old foxes in the organization and is reluctant to head the organization again. The parasites also do not trust Rahul anymore to deliver but neither they can afford to pin their hope on Sonia experiencing a failing health condition nor they can afford a choice of damnation faced with  selection or nomination of Party president. In either case there will be discord amongst some members  and the split in the Party would appear inevitable.  

Now when it appears that 2024 is also sure to go out of hand, the Parasites are complaining about Leadership vacuum and lack of Leadership vision. All along the Parasites had only one vision for the   party that of keeping the Minority happy and stitch a suitable coalition to retain power. It is highly ludicrous that they are cribbing now about lack of visionary leadership.

Rahul was very forth right in asking the old guards as to what did they do for the party. The old guards where only interested in preserving and furthering their personal interests which  they were confusing it with being loyal to the party and sacrificing for the party. Rahul at last has recognized the Parasites. He pointedly asked the Old guards as to what  has been their contribution to the Party. The parasites are offended that they are being asked this valid question bluntly. The only sacrifice parasites had ever done was that of surrendering their ego and self esteem to the family.

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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