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Tejasvi Surya and ideological commitment

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Natively from Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Currently living in Delhi.

Last week BJP National President JP Nadda announced his new team at national level. The announcement which caught the eyes of everyone, especially youth, is the appointment of Tejasvi Surya as National President of Youth Wing (BJYM). Tejasvi Surya is currently MP from Banglore South, where he polled more than 7 lakh votes in 2019 general elections. He is carrying forward the illustrious legacy of Late Shri Ananth Kumar. He is a law graduate and started his work as ABVP karyakarta and later served as General Secretary in BJYM. Being involved in 2014 general elections and 2018 assembly elections in Karnataka, he became a known face in country after securing ticket from BJP to contest 2019 general elections in leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

One can easily get the hold of his ideological positions after reading very well articulated articles written by him for India Facts and lately through discourses he put forward in public space. His stance on Hindutva and Bhartiyata shows him close to the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda and Veer Savarkar, stance on promotion of regional languages shows his proximity to Guruji Golwalkar idea of ‘all Bharatiye languages as national language’, whereas his commitment towards the upliftment of socially backward community shows proximity to the idea of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. In this way his ideological positions and thoughts are broadly encompassing and influenced by Veer Savarkar, Swami ji, Guru ji and Babasaheb. This broadness and completeness shows him being firmly grounded in Bharatiye thoughts. Firmness in indigenous cultural thoughts is sufficient to prove that he is warrior who will/can fight battle for Sanskriti and Samanjasya in political sphere. 

Coming from the land of Vijaynagar Empire, we hope that he will prove to be instrumental in calling out, scolding and busting out the Tipu Elements. Tipu Elements is an imagery used here and it includes all Tyrants, Invaders, Anti Nationals and Pseudo Seculars present in our society. History has proven that these four elements are the biggest threat for the independence and existence of our nation/civilisation. Our Bharat Mata has seen tyrants like Tipu, Jinnah & Razzakars; invaders like Turks, Uzbekhs & Timurids; anti-nationals like TukdeTukde gang and Pseudo Seculars like so called secular political outlets, carrying corpse of Nehruvian secularism. We can only expect well versed and well read man like Mr. Surya to call and expose them both academically and legally in public spaces. 

Being President of the Youth wing of world’s largest political party, he will have enormous man power of hard working young karyakartas. With his astute clarity of ideology, he can transform this force into ideologically motivated political force for good. It can be believed that, he will play instrumental role in building dynamic youth leadership across the length and breadth of country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kutch to Kamrup and Kashi to Karnataka. The foundation of such youth leadership would not be of any imported ideas from foreign land but of our own indigenous ideals of Dharma, Hindutva and Rashtriyata. The teachings of our great Rishis could be applied to set high standards in public life. This work is very important in today’s time as our Sanskritik ethos are being attacked from all sides and both from internal & external front. Hence it is now or never moment to build fierce ideologically motivated youth leadership and only a true guide can do this.

In his (still) short Parliamentary career, Tejasvi Surya has raised voice on various issues of both national and regional importance. This includes subjects ranging from – the use of Kannada language in banking to his views on broad Banking sector in recently completed session. He was among the first to call out Tukde Tukde gang on floor of house and raised the issue of Law&Order situation in Delhi created out from facade of so called Anti CAA protests. This law&order situation later resulted in Anti Hindu Delhi riots in February 2020. He has raised issues without any consideration of being “Politically Correct” or “(pseudo)Secular” which is sufficiently enough to back the thesis, put forward earlier in the article.

At last it’s evident that after his term as President of BJYM, Tejasvi Surya would be playing crucial role in Kannada politics and later on National stage. In this term as president, he would be facing legislative elections in large states of UP, Bihar, MP, Karnataka and Rajasthan. These elections will be of great significance in his political life and challenges posed to him in these states would be discussed in subsequent articles.
– Nahar

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Natively from Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Currently living in Delhi.

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