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राजदंड और राजदंड के सिद्धांत

राजदंड का सिद्धांत: जो राजा या नेतृत्व धर्म के अनुसार न्याय प्रदान नहीं कर सकता और राजदंड को धारण करने मे असमर्थ या राजदंड का अनुचित प्रयोग करता है, उसे धर्मदंड का सामना करना पड़ता है और राजदंड का त्याग करना पड़ता है.

Don’t defy Prof. Babones bravado, instead introspect

India is secular only because it is Hindu majority.

Do we swear to destroy India?

India’s future is in your hands only, save her if you can.

यूपी की गरीब जनता को योगी की राहत

उत्तर प्रदेश की योगी सरकार ने दुर्बल आय वर्ग के लिए नीजि विकासकर्ताओं की ओर से बनाए गए मकानों की रजिस्ट्री पांच सौ रूपये में कराने के आदेश देकर गरीब वर्ग को बहुत बडी राहत प्रदान की हैं।

Fascism in Bengal- Now and then

Lathicharge, chemical shots, teargasses were used against the democratic procession organised by BJYM West Bengal, karyakartas were non-violently marching to state secretariat.

Tejasvi Surya and ideological commitment

In his (still) short Parliamentary career, Tejasvi Surya has raised voice on various issues of both national and regional importance. This includes subjects ranging from- the use of Kannada language in banking to his views on broad Banking sector in recently completed session.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the spiral of propaganda

WSJ seems to be pushing the same Chinese propaganda to show the Modi-trump alliance in a bad light so that Biden whose ideologies align with our foe China can be victorious.

#COVID19 India : Active cases growth rate declining, recoveries increasing

At last, all the efforts taken by govt and followed by citizens showing some betterment.

Gujarat Congress carries out agitation when COVID-19 transmission is high: CM starts campaign to fight against virus

This shows the level of irresponsibility of India's oldest Political Party i.e Congress. These leaders had came in contact with Bharatsinh Solanki few days back during Rajya Sabha elections, who was later tested positive of COVID-19.

The truth of 1975 emergency

The story is about how did Indira Gandhi made fool of the whole country by twisting the constitution, just for the sake of being in power.

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