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Fascism in Bengal- Now and then

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Natively from Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Currently living in Delhi.

Bengal has been the land of enlightenment, spiritual and national movement for centuries. Revolutionary ogranisation like Anushilan Samiti was based in the soil of Bengal. Luminaries like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chnadra Chattopadhya guided Bharat during her freedom struggle. Freedom fighters like Sri Aurobindo, Khudiram Bose, Netaji Shubhash Chnadra Bose, Jatindradas Nath, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee have sacrificed their life for Maa Bharati, were also from this land. Keeping in mind, all these precedence, it was expected that Bengal would show light and path for building of nation, which was dismantled and ripped off by 1000 years of invasion and foreign rule.

Bengal has experienced three waves of Fascism and Fascist forces. Out of which the first one was existed in 1940s under the rule of Muslim League. Under this rule, the suppression of Hindu population was carried out in sophisticated way. Pogroms of Hindu population and rapes of Hindu women were carried out under the state guidance. Noakhali Massacre was perpetrated by Muslim National Guards militia resulted in killings of at least five thousand Hindus. Thousands were forced into religious conversions, arsons, abductions and rapes were carried out by this militia in Noakhali, Hajganj, Faridganj, Chandpur, Begamganj and Chauddagram. Another massacre was organised, same year under the banner of ‘Direct Action Day’, Muslim League guided this massacre resulting to forced conversion, arson, abduction, mass rapes and killings of at least four thousand peoples on the street of Kolkata. Islamo Fascist rule of Muslim League finally ended with the tragic partition of our beloved motherland.

Second wave of Fascist rule took over with the arrival of Communist rule in the state. Communism is a murderous ideology which masquerade as an opposing force to fascism but practically modus operandi of fascism and communism is very difficult to differentiate. Giovanni Gentile – the philosopher of fascism was himself a self declared Socialist. Socialism has been the poster ideology of fascist rule in both Italy and Germany. There is no difference between Hitler’s National Socialism and Stalin’s Socialism in one Nation, both massacred millions under their respective tyrannical rule. Same was the experience under Communist (fascist) rule in Bengal for 34 years. Communism’s gift to Bengal was killing and massacre of Naxalbari and Marichjhapi. Communist cadres and West Bengal state massacred hundreds of refugees, who have fled from Dandkaranya (Bangladesh) and most of them were Naamshudras. During three decades of communist rule, killings were committed under state guidance in the leadership of Communist Party. One of the common practices in the Communist rule is dissolving of state authority in the party machinery, this is practiced in Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, China, Albania and even in West Bengal. Kerala is still under the rule of this tyrannical regime where hundreds of RSS and BJP karyakartas are killed.

Bengal experienced the third wave of Fascism with arrival of TMC in power and departure of second wave of fascism. In order to consolidate its power in the state, TMC practiced the same design of manipulating the state machinery with party cadres. It can be seen in conduct of Panchayat elections where rigging was practiced in day light, ballot boxes were thrown in lakes, booths were captured and false votes were polled. Hundreds of RSS/BJP workers are dastardly killed, most of these are downtrodden dalits. Recently, BJP worker Manish Shukla is killed in his home district. Earlier, BJP MLA Debendra Nath Ray’s body was found hanged from the ceiling of verandah outside shop in Bindal village, North Dinajpur district.

What happened yesterday was the final nail in coffin of Fascist rule of Trinamool Congress. Lathicharge, chemical shots, teargasses were used against the democratic procession organised by BJYM West Bengal, karyakartas were non-violently marching to state secretariat. The march was led by BJYM National President Tejasvi Surya, State President and few other leaders. This fascist actions of TMC rule can be now clearly seen in the state capital and not only confined of country sides. Lakhs of BJYM young karyakartas joining this march is the clear sign that the fascist regime has now lived his complete life and will be overthrown by the people of West Bengal in the coming state assembly elections.

It is the singular responsibility of people to democratically get rid off this rule. No fascist regime, however powerful it may be, has survived for too long by suppressing aspirations of people. Hence, it is the most pertinent moment for the Bhadraloks of Bengal to show- What they stand for ? What their ancestors stood for? And what our freedom fighters laid their life for ? 

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Natively from Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Currently living in Delhi.
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