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Home Reports #COVID19 India : Active cases growth rate declining, recoveries increasing

#COVID19 India : Active cases growth rate declining, recoveries increasing

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India has crossed 2 Million confirmed COVID19 cases mark as per the data by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Governmet Of India. India’s sample positivity rate is quite high and up above the WHO (World Health Organization) benchmark.

There are many positives for India which shows that timely decision taken by PM Narendra Modi led Govt of India has strengthened India’s fight against COVID19.

•As per Graph by Prof Shamika Ravi, India’s Active Cases Growth Rate has declined to 1.1% and now active cases are doubling in 64 days & the situation is further improving.

•The Actual Caseload on India i.e. the Active Cases is 6,06,390 Cases as per MoHFW,GoI data.

•India’s Recovery rate at all time high of 68%, Almost 50,000 + Recoveries Daily Now & further increasing

•India’s case fatality rate is at all time low of 2.05% & futher declining

•India is testing Almost 6.5Lakh Samples Daily Now, So India moving forward with Test-Trace-Treat strategy.

There are some points to worry in densely populated India but situation is improving. We need to be cautious and continue #FightAgainstCorona.

#WearMask #SocialDistancing #WashHands #Unlock3

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