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Gujarat Congress carries out agitation when COVID-19 transmission is high: CM starts campaign to fight against virus

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When COVID-19 crisis was on all time high, Gujarat’s dynamic Chief Minister Vijay Rupani started campaign for public awareness, the campaign was “Hun Pan Corona Warrior”, many great personalities joined him in this camping. Under this campaign he had requested citizens to take 3 pledges. The pledges were,
1) “I wont let my elders and children move out of house”
2) “I won’t step out of my house without mask & will move out only when it is needed”
3) “I will follow the principle of DO GAJ KI DURI”. These are the three main ways to fight against corona virus and Gujarat Government did a phenomenal job by starring this campaign.

On the other hand Gujarat Congress had taken up Agitation against the rise in petrol/diesel prices. But the agitation lacked Social distancing, on the contrary in may parts of the state, Congress workers had formed small human chain by holding each other’s hands closely like a knot so that police do not stop them. This is the most irresponsible act any political party could do in the times when COVID-19 transmission is in it’s peak. This was not only unhealthy for congress, but also for the citizens of Gujarat. Gujarat Congress decided to do Politics over Public Health, putting lives of citizen at risk. This shows the level of irresponsibility of India’s oldest Political Party i.e Congress. These leaders had came in contact with Bharatsinh Solanki few days back during Rajya Sabha elections, who was later tested positive of COVID-19.


On the other hand Gujarat BJP unit in its best manner with all the laws of Social distancing in practice, holds it’s first meeting at BJP State Headquarters. The pictures depicts that how the party is doing its best by keeping social distance and wearing mask in meeting. A clear message have been given to citizens, and all party workers that “Politics cannot be above Public Health”.

Gujarat Congress MLA Imran Khedawala had written letter to Prakash Javdekar (Minister of Information and broadcasting) demanding to remove COVID-19 awareness caller tune at the earliest. But his own party leaders lack awareness and on the contrary are putting lives of thousands at stake by doing political agitation and public gathering.

(letter of Gujarat Congress MLA to Union Minister)

Currently Gujarat is seen with two different working styles, but Public health should not be put at risk to gain political milage.

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