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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the spiral of propaganda

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The article published by WSJ which has given leftist media an opportunity to blame Facebook of being Pro-BJP is based on anonymous witnesses/testimonies and an example of T. Raja who once shared a post spreading hate speech and FB blocked the account but did not take any action. It might not have been difficult for an organization like WSJ to find out that the fact that ‘n’ number of non-BJP hate mongers were never blocked from Facebook. The crux of the article gives us minimal to no evidence just like the press freedom index to find out what common criteria were chosen to come to such a conclusion. 

Also, the article makes a weird claim that Ankhi Das is Pro-BJP because she once shared a post appreciating Modi and now is unduly favoring T. Raja. The editors who were keen to conclude based on one single post that Ankhi Das is Pro-BJP and therefore unduly favors BJP politicians forgot to take into account Ajit Mohan’s connection with UPA government who was appointed as the head of Facebook India in the year 2018 and the newly appointed policy head Siddharth Mazumdar, an evident critic of Modi who has also worked with Ahmed Patel portrays a contradictory picture.  

Atlantic Council 

To analyze the whole issue from a squared perspective as to whether Facebook is actually Pro-BJP or not, we need to take into consideration the grand alliance of Facebook with Atlantic Council in the year 2018 to remove fake pages and Pro party pages that can unduly influence the coming elections in India and chose Manish Tewari (UPA) as Distinguished senior Fellow and presented a report stating that they have removed 687 Pro-congress FB pages and did not even mention the number of Pro-BJP pages so that they cannot play the victim card in the name of Freedom of Expression. 

Cambridge Analytica 

But the ground reality was quite different and to one’s surprise that the pro-BJP pages with over 20 crore followers in total were deleted whereas pro-congress pages with only 2 lakh followers in total were deleted depicts a huge biasness in the core functioning of the organisation. Moreover, it would be hilarious to state that Indians got no memory of the infamous Cambridge Analytica case (a company accused of stealing Facebook Data) where the whistle-blower Christopher Wylie named Congress as one of its parties. Sources also claimed that the suspended CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix met Rahul Gandhi and his office back in London had a congress poster shows definite nexus between Facebook and Congress more than any other party in order to manipulate huge socially active crowd of 21st century. 

The obscurantism present in the article takes a course of indefinite heights while extending baseless allegations on Facebook of being Pro-BJP or Pro-right wing whereas the undeniable truth that the whole Silicon Valley is Pro-left which was also testified by the head, Mark Zuckerberg. 

The U.S.A. Elections

The whole hullabaloo is about the forthcoming elections in U.S.A which are scheduled to be around November and the leftist media or Pro-democrat media is going the extra mile to portray Biden as the harbinger of ‘Make America great again’. The disguised motive of WSJ to publish such an article at this time is nothing but to influence a sizable number of Indian-Americans, which can also be observed in appointing Kamala Harris who till now use to identify herself as African-American suddenly became Indian. Also, twitter which evidently sides with pro-leftist ideology (both U.S.A. and India) but not Facebook which has unapologetically disagreed to take down certain tweets of Donald Trump commenting “Politicians must be allowed to say what they want to say, so people can see them as they are” and gave clean chit under Freedom of Expression which became indigestible for leftists gang resulting in rise of such articles with relatively similar content in huge number recently in America. 


According to several reports, most of the left-leaning media, as well as Facebook, receive a huge chunk of money from Chinese media heavily controlled by our foe Communist Party of China to push specific propaganda as also observed during Galwan Valley conflict when efforts were made to manipulate and break the strength of a nation by establishing ideological warfare within the nation. As per special reference, WSJ alone received nearly $6 million from China Daily since November 2016 in order to push promotion and create an army of influential people who would support China on all international platforms. 


The article is nothing but a spiral of web created under the designation of being a popular and easily trusted journal to turntables in the coming elections in the U.S.A. by portraying Facebook as conservative and supporting leftists-claimed Hindutva party in the crowd where the liberal thought process is shunned upon them and is seen as progressive. Through this article, WSJ seems to be pushing the same Chinese propaganda to show the Modi-trump alliance in a bad light so that Biden whose ideologies align with our foe China can be victorious. 

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