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Ritwik Mehta

I am a policy research analyst with having a deep interest in economics. I am a freelance digital marketer and a data science enthusiast.

Impact of 1975 emergency on Indian legal system and Indian economy

If we grade Nehru's lust for power on a scale of 1-10, Nehru would have scored 5/10 and his daughter 10/10.

QUAD Summit: What it means for India and way forward

India is important for other QUAD nations because only India has the power to counterbalance the aggressiveness of China.

Religion, jokes, and freedom of speech: A ninja technique to defame Hindus

Stand-up comedians just to fetch some 4-5 touches of laughter in a show have made it a regular exercise of defaming Hindu religion! And the irony is, that most Hindus themselves laugh at the jokes and attend such shows and comedians!

GST reforms: Recent issues and reforms required

GST was a huge bargain when States gave up their rights to collect sales tax while the Centre gave up excise and service tax. Australia also shares the GST anniversary with us where the rates have been constant at 10%. Thus, a single rate in India can be a huge reform, and a matter of discussion too! But there is an urgent need for structural reforms in GST, in order to be a leading economy.

The cost of reforms for New India – A lesson to learn

The Government bringing the best reforms but the liberal and anti-national gang is a hurdle in Indian economic progress.

Hijacked farmers’ protests

Farmer Protests have been hijacked and now used for their own political motives

The truth of 1975 emergency

The story is about how did Indira Gandhi made fool of the whole country by twisting the constitution, just for the sake of being in power.

COVID- 19 and the Indian economy

The relationship between per capita GDP and COVID2019 related mortality rates across countries is positive and significant. It is clear that we need to develop an alternative understanding of this phenomenon - for poor countries.

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