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3 ways you can serve India without changing your way of life

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Most of us believe that to serve our nation we have to make some certain sacrifices in our lives just like our soldiers, scientists, and journalists make in their lives. They don’t get to live a life around their family and friends, they don’t get to see their children growing up, they can not choose to be happy the way they want in their lives. They put their nation before anything else and fulfill their duty no matter what cost they have to pay to keep our country safe, prosperous, and truly democratic.

We can never thank them enough for providing their service to this very land we proudly call our home. But, what about us, why we find it difficult to make a choice that can create a difference in our society and help our nation grow and prosper?

I get it, we all have our individual lives, we have responsibilities of our children, of our parents and we rarely get any time to be a part of something that brings a difference in the society. Some of us who are privileged or have a lifestyle that allows them to offer their time to an organization or a community that works for the welfare of people, do get the chance to play their part in the building of our nation but the larger number of us seldom get an opportunity to do the same.

Although we held the nation high in our lives, most of us often fail to participate in the interests of our great nation. The main problem we here face is not being able to find a way that doesn’t ask for a sacrifice. You spend your evenings wondering about the solution that allows you to take some action for the betterment of your country without losing your way of life.

This is not something you can feel proud of, right? Is there something you can do about this situation? Or let me ask you in a rather uncomfortable way, are you willing to do something about this situation?

I can hear your heart saying this out loud, “yes, I am ready”.

Here are the 3 ways you can serve your nation and bring a real difference around you:

Donate money to organizations like OpIndia, Upword, Swarajyamag, Nimittekam:- It is not easy to run an organization that works really hard to secure the interests of our nation. Make a contribution every month, no matter what amount you feel right to donate, your support helps these organizations deliver the truth we deserve as a citizen of India.

Help people understand the current challenges India is facing as a nation:- What can be better than offering insights on the current challenges we are facing as a civilization. Join the hundreds of YouTubers, writers, and columnists who serve the people by providing well-researched information on various topics including politics, economy, education etc.

Teach the children of your family the true history of our country:- This is something what I really enjoy when I get a chance to spend some time with the young minds of my family. Our ancestors made sacrifices for centuries to preserve the cultural heritage of our civilization, you can help children learn the real history that instills a sense of pride in their hearts for the country they must fight for when the time calls for it.

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