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Param Vaibhamam- The Sanatan destination

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Our society has to face innumerable invasions from the most barbaric races. Even in the dark hour of rule of Aurangzeb, a great martial saint like Samartha Ramdas was constrained to lament that an incarnation of the Almighty could save Hindu society from total annihilation. Even today adharmic elements are having their hey days. But our society survived all these grave crises. Again and again it has risen from the ashes and established the reign of righteousness.

The concept of Param Vaibham of the Hindu Rashtra must be properly comprehended. Western countries have the highest national objective of attainment of superpower status. But Bharat’s Param Vaibhav is pre-ordained Jagad-Guru-Pada. Bharat is eminently suited to play this role-Bharat with Sanatana Dharam as its referent and ‘All is one’ as its ultimate realisation.

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar observed, “Only brotherhood can protect freedom and equality. This brotherhood is also called social oneness.It is humanity, it is Dharma.” In Bunch of thoughts by Shri Guruji Gowalkar on the philosphy of RSS, one can listen to the voice of’World mission of the Hindu Rashtra.’ To seek harmony among the various and diverse characteristics has been our special contribution to the world thought.

The ancient spirit is not dead. The spirit which has survived all the shocks of centuries of aggression is bound to reassert itself. Let us remain true to our dream of re-instating our Bharat Mata as the cultural Guide of the world.Let us prepare ourselves for that historic mission regardless of the time and energy that may be required to dedicate.

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