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sanatana dharma

Sanatan- 101: Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma

Is Sanatana same as Hindu? No Books use the word “Hindu”. Only the word Sanatana is used in Geeta or any other books.

A brief introduction to ‘Sanatan Dharma’

Sanatan Dharma also teaches Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Cha, which means ‘so too is violence (appropriate) in the service of Dharma’. Thus, Left-Liberal-Islamist-Woke cabal should stop meddling with Sanatanis.

Sampoorna Hindutva—the complete Hinduness

The awakening of the Hindu's lost Brahmanta and Kshatriyata frightens the Hinduphobic, anti-civilizational, breaking-India forces. Thus, their intolerant campaign against Hindutva.

The myth of mythology

Civilization’s ultimate goal is flourishing and thriving in all its glory including science, culture and philosophy. But if survival of a civilization becomes an end in itself, it is beginning of the ultimate decay So, if we as the inheritors of this great Santana civilization don’t act now in reestablishing our connections to the past, our future is doomed like all other civilizations that have perished so far.

Param Vaibhamam- The Sanatan destination

Bharat is eminently suited to play this role-Bharat with Sanatana Dharam as its referent and 'All is one' as its ultimate realisation.

Reclaiming our civilization

The long wait of centuries, followed by the legal wrangle over decades and finally resting their faith in a judgement by five judges only shows the ethos of this great civilization. Where in the world, otherwise can you see an example of a majority community waiting peacefully to correct the centuries old barbarities on their faith and on the very symbols of their collective conscience?

काश, इस कुम्भ के बहाने ही इंडियन स्टेट को विविधता की समझ आ जाती

यदि इंडियन स्टेट के कर्ताधर्ताओं (चाहे नेता हों या प्रशासन या न्यायालय) को हिंदुत्व की इन विविध सुंदरताओं की रत्ती भर भी समझ होती तो सबरीमाला जैसे मूर्खतापूर्ण निर्णय न आते।

The trinity which saved Hinduism

Their contribution to present India is far-reaching, yet grossly neglected by our own historians who were enamoured by the western view of Indian history.

Hindus celebrating Christmas – time to say what politically correct people won’t

A seemingly innocuous step is not as simple and sweet as it may appear

A Hindu’s response to Tufail Ahmad’s ‘Abrahamic Hindutva’

The term 'Abrahamic Hindutva' is bogus and Hindus must resist the use of it.

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