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The myth of mythology

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Recently one of the most important events in the collective memory of Santana Dharma over the last millennium was celebrated as the Bhoomi Poojan of the temple at the birth place of Shri Rama. After an agonizing wait of about 500 years and countless sacrifices of millions of devotees of Shri Rama, has this event finally fructified. While it might seem that rebuilding the physical edifice of the temple structure is being celebrated, but in reality it is the idea that the civilizational symbols that are important to the people of this ancient land actually matter and can finally be resurrected. Physical destruction maybe a little easier to revive but the subjugation of the mind is what takes the actual toll.

While the brutal oppression by the invaders over the last 800 years has disfigured our cultural symbols but the seventy years of independence with a colonial education has deeply scarred the very psyche of this great civilization. We the people of Santana Dharma have been made to feel like an inferior civilization by falsely making it sound as superstitious and unscientific. Once the roots are cut, it is much easier to uproot the tree. This is what our so called modern and deeply falsified history written by invaders and furthered by our leftist cabal has done to us. What the invaders could not accomplish in the 800 years of repeated genocides and brutal tyranny is very systematically being done by the Nehruvian education which has delineated our people from our great cultural ethos, values and our true history.

Recently after the trust for Shri Rama Janma Bhoomi Kshetra was setup, as a token of my participation in this momentous occasion I wanted to donate some money to the trust. So I went to the official website of the trust to get the bank details. After accomplishing that, I started wandering around the website and reading about the other information provided on the trust site. I scrolled down further and saw the important places of visit in Ayodhya and came across the water well associated with Mata Sita which was used by her during the time of “Ram Avatara”. But what disturbed me was the description written about the place.

The content curator of the site had written “this place as per the ‘mythology’ was used by Mata Sita”. If it is just a myth, what was the whole struggle for centuries to get back the land associated with the birth of Shri Rama then for? We have had the Hindu stalwarts criticizing Congress party who gave an affidavit in the courts claiming that the Shri Ram and hence “Ram Setu” is a myth and here you have the official website of the temple trust claiming the place associated with Shri Ram and Mata Sita to be part of mythology. Unwittingly you are further propagating the same leftist/western view that our “Puranas” are nothing but mythology.

I immediately sent a mail to the admin of the website explaining him the anomaly and the anguish it will cause to the devotees of Shri Rama. I did not get any response but I kept checking the website if they had changed it. Unfortunately for more than a few months after that it continued to carry the same erroneous text.

But recently when I checked again, the text has finally been taken out and now they have removed the English text altogether and replaced it with just a “Shloka” associated with the place and brief description in Hindi. Thereby maybe avoiding any such frivolous translations and hence any confusion.

My point of writing this article is not to point fingers at the trust and their sincerity but to actually show how deracinated we Hindus have become. Unwittingly certain narratives have been fed to us and those have become the actual truths for us. Otherwise how does an institution that was created to protect a civilizational symbol in the first place end up negating the very same symbol? I do not see this as an intentional or a deliberate action. But you can clearly see how the Indic psyche has been fed certain narratives and it instinctively shows up maybe even inadvertently.

Even in a small organization when any content is pushed to the net it goes through a couple of reviews before it finally gets posted for public consumption. I am sure considering the importance and sensitivity of this trust, its content would also have been vetted by some functionaries. And even after that if it gets passed through with this anomaly only show’s how deep our indoctrination is, that even the multiple reviews miss it out.

Someone had done a research about Bollywood over the last 40 or 50 years. And the results of that research are out there on the net for people to read and understand. The disturbing part of the research is how the narrative is set and continuously drilled into the psyche of people to normalize it as part of their regular thinking even when the actual facts are contrary to what is shown. While this research does a detailed analysis with the data points from the film content and the actual societal facts but it does not take a genius to understand how narratives are set and how it is propagated in various mediums.

I am sure many people who closely follow politics, news and academia can see through the mendacity of this narrative creation. But an unsuspecting and a simple man who is fed this on a regular basis starts to believe it to be actually a fact and even joins in propagating it further.

One keeps constantly hearing that we have survived 800 years of brutality and yet continue as a civilization while all other ancient civilizations have perished, therefore we will continue to survive in future too.

Firstly, let me tell you that we have survived as a civilization so far because our ancestors despite of incomparable brutality were entrenched in their faith and culture and carried the Santana Dharma in their hearts even while their bodies were wilted by the invader’s barbarism. They sacrificed their lives but kept the spirit of Santana Dharma alive in their minds and that has resulted in the survival of our civilization so far. But in the last 70 years we have been constantly fed wrong history, culture and value system in the garb of modernization. In effect it has deracinated the Hindu mind of its cultural roots. In a few decades from now, like the progenies of every other civilization we will live albeit our glorious connection.

Finally, civilization’s ultimate goal is flourishing and thriving in all its glory including science, culture and philosophy. But if survival of a civilization becomes an end in itself, it is beginning of the ultimate decay.

So, if we as the inheritors of this great Santana civilization don’t act now in reestablishing our connections to the past, our future is doomed like all other civilizations that have perished before us.

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