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Prakash Bebington

Prakash Bebington is a PhD scholar, independent blogger and passionate humanist who espouses the cause of life, liberty and duty. Having worked closely with students as a Professor of Management & Engineering, he has a sense of obligation to these future citizens. He owes his allegiance to no political party, but only to the great nation of India and her future leaders.

Liberating India’s school education system

Decentralisation of India's school education system will prevent vested interests from manipulating the entire system from a central point.

Sampoorna Hindutva—the complete Hinduness

The awakening of the Hindu's lost Brahmanta and Kshatriyata frightens the Hinduphobic, anti-civilizational, breaking-India forces. Thus, their intolerant campaign against Hindutva.

Countering “breaking-India” forces via states reorganisation

smaller provinces enable citizens to get easier access to their governments. Panchayatiraj administration is significantly strengthened with better proximity between citizens and government.

The great siphoning of India

Now, a second & stronger 5-year term for Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India has further stalled the Great Siphoning of India.

A New Education System for India

Let's end this 150-year-old Pinkerton syndrome in education. Let's restore India to her former glory.

The AMUL model: How to save Indian farmers from suicide

At AMUL, Gujarat, no dairy farmer commits suicide. Find out how.

Doklam Dummies: Why China Can’t Invade India… Directly!

Go-game-addicted Communist Party of China has painted itself into a corner with its obsession of capturing the Himalayan glaciers

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