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The great siphoning of India

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Prakash Bebington
Prakash Bebington
Prakash Bebington is a PhD scholar, independent blogger and passionate humanist who espouses the cause of life, liberty and duty. Having worked closely with students as a Professor of Management & Engineering, he has a sense of obligation to these future citizens. He owes his allegiance to no political party, but only to the great nation of India and her future leaders.

The 65,000-year-old Secret History
The truth has a strange way of coming out eventually. So, despite the best efforts of our so-called “historians”, most Indians know by now that we are the world’s oldest & continuing civilization. Over the last 65,000 years, the Indian subcontinent became Earth’s most unique melting pot of humans & cultures. India digested & absorbed whoever entered her soil, adding to her infinite diversity in human gene pool & culture unrivaled by none in the universe. This phenomenon, enabled by a tropical climate & natural resources, eventually led to massive wealth creation in this land, which became the envy of the rest of the world.

The Physical & Mental Enslavement of Indians
Naturally, India’s fabled wealth attracted a beeline of foreign looters & plunderers, who themselves got absorbed… eventually. The last looter, the British, feared this assimilative power of India, and set to destroy its source—India’s (Hindu) culture & spirituality. Over 8 generations, they systematically & brutally brainwashed their Indian slave populace into feeling an inferiority-complex about their very own (Indian) culture & to admire their masters’ (British) culture. The goal: “Indian is uncool, British is cool.”

For achieving this goal, India’s ruling class (Kshatriyas) were killed, the spiritual-scholarly-artisan class (Brahmins) were driven underground (along with the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas & other ancient texts of wisdom & works of art), the business-entrepreneurial class (Vysyas) were reduced to mere traders, and the working class (Sudras) were forced into poverty. As part of their “divide & rule” strategy, the British shrewdly proclaimed the self-regulating “class” system (known as Varna) as a forced “caste” system (twisted as Jāti) & sowed seeds of division among their slave population, so they don’t unite as one united Hindu community & revolt. Indians outside the class system (who were banished by the local government for unpardonable crimes & who were living outside the villages) were classified as the “Depressed Castes” & exploited as cannon-fodder by the British.

Our Gurukul education that created great scholars as well as self-sufficient & wealth-generating entrepreneurs was replaced with Macaulayian education that created government-dependent & job-begging clerks. The economic engine of India—her Cottage industry (weavers, potters, goldsmiths, et al)—was decimated to force Indian slaves to buy mass-manufactured & imported British goods. The Panchayat system of local governance was replaced with oppressive district collectors. Caring Indian kings were replaced with tyrannical governors. Their central ruler for India was a dictatorial viceroy. Railways & ports were built to siphon off India’s unimaginable wealth to Britain.

The Remote Enslavement of Indians

However, before they or India could finish their work, the British were forced to leave India. In 1947, the British unwillingly left India physically, but not before they put in place an ecosystem through which they could still continue their divisive & oppressive dominion over the people of the Indian subcontinent, albeit with much lesser cost & much higher profit. This subjugating “ecosystem” is popularly & euphemistically called the “Nehruvian legacy” in India & the “Jinnah legacy” in Pakistan. The very constitutions of India & Pakistan are scripted to keep the former perpetually slow & the latter perpetually unstable.

Knowing full well that East Pakistan & West Pakistan on either side of India would keep both India & Pakistan weak forever, the wily British engineered the Partition, unwittingly championed by the 2 key foot-soldiers of their ecosystem—Nehru & Jinnah.

The Double-Game on India & Pakistan

Much to their shock & dismay, after independence, the British witnessed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel swiftly & decisively uniting the 560+ pieces of India into 1 mega union. The British feared that Patel may re-annex Pakistan & unite all of India to restore her former power. So, using their tried & tested strategy, the slave masters started festering suspicion & hatred between the Peoples of India & Pakistan, setting brother upon brother, with absolutely no risk to themselves whatsoever. In the foreground, the British played the saint & peacemaker, while simultaneously playing the devil in the background, fostering the very enmity they pretended to prevent in public.

Pakistan’s Machinations & Fears

After a couple of wars, Pakistan realized that it cannot defeat India militarily. So, with the tacit help of Britain & her friends, Pakistan started infiltrating key Indian positions with spies & sympathisers. Indian citizens in socially influential positions—such as political leaders, religious leaders, journalists, teachers, artists, social activists, et al—were seduced or blackmailed into submission using sex, money & power. This new coterie of “Brown Slave-Masters” (BSMs) have undermined & still undermining India’s peace & prosperity. Needless to say, the BSM club today is infested with the so-called Leftist “liberals”, art “award-winners”, academic “intellectuals”, social “activists”, et al, brazenly foisting their anti-India agenda as per the diktats of their foreign masters.

Pakistan’s history starts from 1947 because her rulers will not allow their population to know/ accept that their nation was forcibly cut out from India. Pakistani rulers also do not want Indians to know & feel proud of their ancient nation’s history & glory as “Akhand Bharat” (United India). However, Pakistani rulers do want Indians to be brainwashed (again) & feel inferior/ insecure with fake & harmful “historical facts”, specifically religious oppression by Hindus & caste oppression by Brahmins. For Pakistani agents, both these targets are easy to attack.

Pakistani rulers fear only one thing above all else—the reversing of Partition. This will happen if the Peoples of India & Pakistan demand it. This demand will come only when the Peoples of India & Pakistan feel affection for one another as forcibly separated brothers. If Pakistan unites with India, Pakistani rulers (who wallow in billions of siphoned money) will lose their wealth & power. Also, a larger & peaceful India will be a stronger nation, which many foreign powers fear.

Pakistani rulers consciously refer to India as “Hindustan” (i.e., land of the Hindus), contrasting the term with “Pakistan” (implying, land of the Muslims) to emphasize an “Us vs. Them” divide between religious communities. These insecure rulers will rest easy only when India is broken up into several smaller nations (i.e., smaller than Pakistan) & India’s military might split between these nations, so the prospect of reunification & Akhand Bharat does not arise ever again.

The Modus Operandi

India’s war with China added another puppet-master to the table of India’s foreign manipulators. Now, a phalanx of foreign powers lust after India’s (re)growing wealth & are working very hard to siphon off her hard-earned wealth, not militarily, but surreptitiously. The siphoning happens via:

  • Foreign defense equipment manufacturers selling expensive, obsolete equipment & technology. This impoverishes India significantly by eroding foreign cash reserves. E.g., MiG-21, Bofors.
  • Foreign businesses selling costly, wasteful, harmful products to Indian people. This impoverishes & weakens citizens significantly. Hybrid vegetables & expensive pharmaceuticals are but some examples. Note here that allopathy doctors world-over are indoctrinated to generally have zero tolerance for natural/ indigenous treatments.
  • Foreign-funded NGOs preventing infrastructure & people developmental works. This sows the seeds of anarchy among citizens. Governments will keep getting voted out regularly & no major work will get done.
  • Foreign-funded organizations influencing Indians to abandon patriotism & switch their allegiance to a politico-religious authority outside India (in Mecca, Vatican). This helps the foreign powers in times of war with India, as Indians will not support their own nation.
  • Foreign media & entities pushing their culture (i.e., cultural imperialism) on Indians, making them feel inferior about their own history, heritage, culture & customs. This leads to social disruption & even long-term health problems for citizens. Live-in lifestyles, female alcoholism, teen pregnancies, etc. are some symptoms of this foreign inculturation.

This is the Great Siphoning of India. And, incorruptible leaders & strong government in India block the flow in this siphon via national laws & governance policies. The foreign Siphoners cannot tolerate that, indeed.

Manipulating the Prime Ministers

Mrs. Indira Gandhi resisted these Siphoners to some extent, but was eventually assassinated. Subsequent Prime Ministers in India were either assassinated (for not yielding to these Siphoners) or politically weakened to be unable to resist the siphoning.

Even foreign PMs engaging with India were at risk, as was evidenced from the yet unresolved assassinations of Swedish PM Mr. Olof Palme (implicated in Bofors defense deal) & Pakistani PM Mrs. Benazir Bhutto. The escape of Union Carbide’s Mr. Warren Anderson is another case in point.

Dr. Narasimha Rao checkmated these forces with Chanakyan maneuvers, but was shockingly humiliated after demitting office. Dr. Manmohan Singh walked a tight rope, yielding to the Siphoners, but also pushing India forward (to some extent).

Narendra Modi Disrupts

In all this game of thrones, the fiercely nationalistic Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was the disruptive wildcard against the scheming Siphoners. Since pre-Independence, this nationwide organization’s stated goal to unite the Indian population & landmass terrified these foreign enslavers.

So, the sudden & meteoric rise of Mr. Narendra Modi, whose roots are in the RSS, unnerved the Siphoners. His unapologetic Indianism (a.k.a. Hindutva), non-discriminating development via the “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” governance policy, re-culturation (reintroducing Indian culture & history into education), working to erase caste divisions by uniting all Hindus, attempting to erase all religious divisions by uniting all citizens under the “Indian” branding, etc., have vexed the Siphoners to no end. Scamsters such as Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, et al, are being aggressively pursued & prosecuted. Note here how all these anti-India scamsters escape to one safe haven—Britain.

What next…?

Now, a second & stronger 5-year term for Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India has further stalled the Great Siphoning of India. Let’s hope Mr. Modi continues to reverse the centuries-old damage to the soul of India by:

  • Continue correcting our textbooks to inculcate our ancient history, heritage, culture & customs in students. (The BSMs will promptly scream “saffronization”, as ordered by their foreign masters). See suggestion.
  • Rectifying India’s education system by defocusing on employment & refocusing on entrepreneurship. Making all lower education free & all higher education private will stimulate wealth-creation as opposed to job-seeking. (The BSMs will protest “Where are the jobs?”).
  • Galvanizing the cottage & micro industries with easy loans & tax breaks. Formalizing the informal economy by setting up a national database of entrepreneurs & apprentices could bring back our Gurukul system to generate wealth.
  • Rebranding & marketing India’s ancient culture as “cool” to Indians.  (The BSMs will denounce this as “regressive”).
  • Continue uniting all castes under the “Hindu” label & all religions under the “Indian” label. China has done the latter effectively. (The BSMs will condemn this as “social injustice” & “religious freedom infringement”).
  • Eradicating illegal immigrants by extending the National Registry of Citizenship to all states to reduce wastage & crime. (The BSMs will attack this as “human rights violation”).
  • Nationalising all rivers in India & linking them to increase water security.
  • Implementing the AMUL model for crop & livestock farmers & fisherfolks. Privatising the Food Corporation of India to alleviate agrarian distress.
  • Phased abolishing of all subsidies & implementing a Universal Income Guarantee scheme (to poor families with maximum 2 children) to alleviate poverty & stimulate rural economy.
  • Creating a single web portal & mobile app for all government services (including complaints about individual government officials) accessible via Aadhaar.
  • Strengthening the Panchayatiraj system of bottom-up governance. The People’s Representation Act needs to be amended. (The BSMs will attack this as “murder of democracy”).
  • Reducing the powers of state governments by having state police report to the governor. This will drastically bring down corruption. Currently, chief ministers are despots with absolute power corrupting them absolutely. (The BSMs will condemn this as “decimation of federalism”).
  • Tightening & clarifying the Sedition Law. (The BSMs will attack this as “infringement on freedom of expression”).

Jai Hind!

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Prakash Bebington
Prakash Bebington
Prakash Bebington is a PhD scholar, independent blogger and passionate humanist who espouses the cause of life, liberty and duty. Having worked closely with students as a Professor of Management & Engineering, he has a sense of obligation to these future citizens. He owes his allegiance to no political party, but only to the great nation of India and her future leaders.
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