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Will the Sanatan Adarsha resurface now?

The root of Sanatan Adarsha is harmony and that there should be no rancour and hatred among different castes, classes and races.

वैदिक साहित्य और ‘अशोक स्तम्भ’

अशोक स्तम्भ भले ही मौर्यकाल की निर्मित हो किन्तु उसमें अंकित चित्र व भाव भारतीय संस्कृति की उस धारा के उज्ज्वल आयाम है जो अनादिकाल से अनवरत प्रवाहित है।

Param Vaibhamam- The Sanatan destination

Bharat is eminently suited to play this role-Bharat with Sanatana Dharam as its referent and 'All is one' as its ultimate realisation.

Hindu Rashtra and Vedas

From the beginning of human history Bhartiyas saw Bharat as a full fledged 'Rashtra' Many of us are of the impression that Western nationalism is the English equivalent of our 'Rashtriyatva'.

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