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New Education Policy- Modi has done the right thing to lead India to organic success

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The new education policy shaped by the present Modi government has done the right thing to lead India to an organic growth in future. Our education must move away from mark centric and selecting the courses that would get attractive jobs and better salary to conceptual and value based learning with the integration of the existing requirements; better carrier prospects and quality of life. 

Taller the tree when grows, greater shall be its roots cover beneath the soil. Only when the root cover is great and deep, that can support the tall tree and supply all its water and other nutrient requirements.  So shall be our education. For that to happen, conceptual and value based education is necessary.

The spiritual history of India, its cultural heritage, tradition, philosophical essence, the treasure of the great Sanskrit language, divine worship, theoretical imagination of science by our great philosophers, all of them were neglected in our curriculum since independence. When the young minds are allowed learn all the above ingredients of value based education in respective regional languages, certainly we can achieve transformation from the grass root level through the new education policy. 

The research inquisitiveness of children who are studying the undergraduate education is any day greater than those studying post graduate course. Therefore creating an ambiance and facilitation for the graduate students to directly pursue research without going through post graduate education is necessary and the new education policy has brought such reformist, transformative step.

The three language system is extremely essential for India and the students of our future generation should not be limited with the respective local language and English. English being not our native language, in many villages the thrust for English learning is quite low. With limited knowledge in English, just by knowing the local language alone, the people from different states when migrate to the neighbouring states for employment, always suffer great hardship in communication. Therefore the language that is predominantly used and spoken by vast majority of people and regions in India alone can help people to connect with rest of India. Therefore in addition to learning English, ideally learning Hindi than any other regional language will be more meaningful and useful.  However the new educational policy allows the children to choose any other language other than Hindi for fulfilling the third language requirement. 

Teaching the basic essence of Sanskrit, YOGA and other ancient scriptures of India Government must include in the curriculum as part of moral or casual passive learning to make the students ‘complete Indian’. All such learning need not be included in the examination theme however such teachings are necessary for shaping the young minds of future India.

Considering the importance of how the value degradation in our education has happened in the recent past and how India can be guided towards an organic growth, everyone must welcome the new education policy of three language system, conceptual and value based learning and facilitation of those young minds who wants to do research need not undergo post graduate education. 

Hereafter India can be transformed only though value and conceptual education and not by commercialization of our education. 

The Drawidian party in Tamil Nadu has reduced the minimum mark required for joining Engineering course in Tamil Nadu as 35% which resulted in several politicians setting up engineering colleges and subsequent mass infestation of engineering graduates causing degradation in quality and unemployment crisis among engineering graduates. But unfortunately most parents of young children in the state are yet to realize the political treachery of those political parties aiming to capture power in the state by opposing three language system and importance of learning Hindi.  

Like how English is window to the world, Hindi is door to India and the education can only be the ticket.  Therefore people must see the new education policy apolitically and must support especially the three language system. Hindi must be the language people must welcome to learn along with English. 

Learning a language to keep the language alive versus learning a language to communicate to the world to share our thoughts and ideas and find success, people must chose the language that help people to achieve the later.  From that perspective English and Hindi are extremely important. 

Success with high values is the fundamental focus of the new education policy.  Being an Indian without Indian-ness; without the elementary knowledge of our ancient scriptures, Vedas and Upanishad, sacred language called Sanskrit is also one of the causes for our downfall. Therefore passive casual learning programme about all our sacredness must be included in the curriculum up to 8th class. 

The new educational policy is well debated, discussed, thought out, consulted and studied policy by experts. The policy not only has implementation steps and programmes alone but also has set a clear goal; transform India through education.   

India has lots to rejoice over the new education policy than complain. People must choose the future of India and must support the three language system. Hindi is the umbilical cord of India and therefore we must feel proud to learn Hindi because by learning Hindi, we can easily open the door of India than remain as paid or unpaid slaves or servants of some regional politics or their ideology.        

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