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Is Narendra Modi taking Hindutva too far or a fabricated hoax by liberals?

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Ever since the epoch-making victory of NDA, Hindutva ideology is on a rise. It is a change that India desperately needed to survive. But the idea of right wing politics is not only ends with that. It has many aspects of application but grossly can be grouped into three areas namely political, cultural and economical. These are not exclusive rather overlapping in many ways.

In the political scenario it had it’s roots already there which just came to surface now. It is governing the politics so much so that even left politician are lowering there hostile sentiments against majorities and as for congress they started playing soft Hindutva card to survive. But at the same time opposition criticizes the ruling party for their majoritarianism trends.

Is it majoritarianism?

Though the left liberals are ousted from the power but they still control a large part of the media through which they are propounding such ideas. According to them abolition of art 370, criminising tin talaq, enacting CAA-NRC, and of course PM doing “Bhumi Pujan” are clear signs of majoritarianism. Opposition even criticized the govt. for enfeebling institutions like judiciary and parliament. BJP led govt. is criticized for repressing dissent, spreading misinformation, creating mistrust among different religious groups and most markedly their appeal to nationalism is also vilification of the same by this group. And PM Narendra Modi was the creator of this authoritarian regime is their ultimate point to put forward.

It is all hoax
Pseudo-secularism, which was practised in the name of secularism was tear apart much before Modi phenomenon happened, by Shushma Swaraj in her blistering speech in parliament. What irked these pseudo-liberal politician more is that their lie got exposed to general public and their opinion has no value to them. Art 370 enables to a separate constitution for Kashmir which is a state of India is not in accordance with the definition of a country. The question is,the abolition of 370 whether it is constitutional or not, is lies with the decision of the supreme court. But even they didn’t have any confidence in judiciary also until the judgement are in their favour. In the case of triple talaq bill it was criminalised to stop the sordid system not to demean any religious groups but as it was put forward by certain group of political leaders and media that it is an atrocity against Muslims.

In the case of CAA both sides have strong arguments. But the case of constitutional validity lies with the Supreme Court not with the intention of opposition leaders. But Indian media mostly controlled by left liberals and other opposition party vilified it to such an extent which resulted in a riot, most likely to be pre-planned.

It is a common tool for liberals to demonize right wing politics by crying out that “democracy is in danger”, “secularism is dead”, “this is not the country I lived in”, “judiciary is suppressed”, “No freedom of speech”. These are catchy terms to control the mind of people and the moment regime changes these institutional problems will go away in one day. One can hear the same arguments in Democrat convention just happened in America where the same rant is going on.It is tactics to get their work done.

The politics of PM Modi unmasked the dangerous separatism they tried to install in Indian society. It ripped apart the vote-bank politics which was a hindrance towards growth and which led to the weakening of grip that they had on government.

Is PM Modi doing it all right?

It is clear that PM modi and his brand of politics failed to appeal to a large number of people especially to the Muslims. Philosophy of Hindutva was not exclusive but inclusive in it’s core but how it played out by his supporters is not a good example for many of the citizens. BJP to such extent failed to produce counter-narrative against the lie spread by Media. Spirit of nationalism is still not conquered all the hearts. There is a growing intolerance among the majority of the people and strained relations between two religious communities. This is not what Hindutva offers. It did talk about cultural revival but not by excluding certain group of people.These are loopholes through which pseudo-liberals manage to put forward their “majoritarianism” narrative.

In the case of economic scenario it is a complete failure no doubt. India ruined it’s comfortable position by taking reckless-decision. Job-market in India shrinking day by day. Criticising govt on economic front can’t be labelled as anti-national and govt cannot brush-off their failures by attacking them. To some extent PM Modi failed to established a goal in front of people for which they should struggle together. It is duty of the govt to accept the failure and start anew. But hushed them up by sheer power of mandate given by people is surely a step towards majoritarianism.

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