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Dhritrashtra and Gandhari Hindus: A sneak peek at UPSC-bureaucratic jihad

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Consider a woke person sitting in UPSC Main Examination, giving a following “English” paper:

How a woke Hindu will take this paper calmly without being distracted? Now, this is a specimen, but don’t most aspirants go through UPSC website browsing through sample papers? A passage beautifully crafted to whitewash the crimes of Islamic invaders, and blame all the plunder to native rulers, even they chose none other than the GREAT Prithviraj Chauhan to paint him as a barbarian. This passage in short tells that Hindus were fools who didn’t invade any outside territory from Indian heartland, they were weak warriors who didn’t know to fight brave Arab Muslim “soldiers”, they left no piece to brand the Ghuris and Ghaznavis to mere “Dora:The explorer”.

It will be natural for any woke Hindu who knows the barbarism of Arab islamists to take atleast 10 minutes after reading this passage to calm himself or herself and to answer the related questions from jihadic point of view. Not to forget, this kind of muslim-appeasing piece is encountered even after going through 6th-12th NCERTs, where there is no place left to glorify Abrahims: whether muslims or christians, describing Islamic barbarism as “the greatest political revolution”, without even including the words “invasion/ barbarism/ exploitations/ harassment” in the chapters involving “Central Islamic Lands” of 11th or the history of islamic rules in middle classes. If we think its a way to create “neutrality”, then no! All chapters involving Hindu rulers are filled less about rulers and rule and more about women and caste suppression as if India under Hindu kings was a mere failed state.

How can we neglect the involvement of scholars of “AMU or JMI”(founders included) in the creation of separate Pakistan, didn’t these “scholars” participated in the movement of separate islamic lands? Wasn’t our first education minister part of islamic movement to destabilize India before and after partition? Isn’t this true at the time of partition, there was heavy islamic influence in bureaucracy and government! How can the certain foundation which believes in sharia and funds the most of successful UPSC aspirants, can be believed to inculcate qualities of “secularism” that includes “Hindu:religion, people and traditions”! How can the students of JMI or AMU programs be believed to not take forward their Jihadist mindset, where mess are off at time of certain holy month even for non believers, where there is some or other movement to support the likes of Yakub Memon or Afzal Guru and a poster of Jinnah after 70years of partition!

When a TV news program is stayed by high court for showing some new reality of Jihad, it is not a breach of freedom of expression? “Samvidhan Khatre Me Hai” is not spoken by saviours of journalism!

There were many Hindus expressing dissent with the Sudarshan News show for exposing the infiltration. Maybe they should learn about Jogenranath Mondal! Or maybe they should’ve woke up when the likes Hamid Ansari was harming RAW network in Iran, or when some topper Shah Faizal was on a daily rant against India, Indian government, while still on duty! They should similarly express their views without any restraints when there are absolute restrictions on religious activities of Hindus by top courts and bureaucracy without even taking them into confidence, while Abrahims are “asked” to “keep low key celebrations”. They should similarly raise their voice why non-Hindu people are in charge of temple affairs, why temples are under control of government or why any Hindu is not given the position of minority affairs minister. ( Just imagine the uproar, if some Pandit or Yogi is made education minister, in a nation where first education minister was a maulana)

If still, some Dhritrastras think that bureaucracy or UPSC jihad is a myth, they must learn out reservations of muslims and christians in government jobs from the states of WB,AP,TN, Kerala and Telangana. They must ask how without bureaucracy jihad, there is a monthly salary of moulvis and imams while no appreciation for the job of Hindu priests? They must ask why the temple golds are in possession of government but no control or monitoring of funds of mosques or churches and related organisation. These Dhritrastras must ask why even after the rule of curtailing loudspeaker volumes to below 20 decibels, and verdict of removal of loudpeakers, there are still illegal loudpeakers shrieking in some foreign invader’s language 5times a day? These Gandharis must open their eyes and see how without bureaucracy jihad, riot-affected Hindus are suppressed in various part of country, cattle smugglers are saved, or there is demolition of “illegal” Hindu temples but no demolition of similar mosques or churches or how illegal bangladeshi or rohingaya muslims get their valid documents all over country?

This list is never-ending, the case of bureaucratic or UPSC jihad is real. Its a serious case and even the BJP lead government in centre and states is funding the aspirants from muslim community in name of “minority and secularism” however there is no such schemes for Brahmins or Kshatriyas as if all aspirants from these communities are billionaires. The threat is grievous, the country is moving towards the situation of fulfilling the dream of Gazwa-e-Hind,as stated recently by Zakir Naik. Only way to solve this problem is the funding of sanatni UPSC aspirants by the likes of VHP or Bajrang Dal. However, Hindus as usual, are sleeping or have covered their eyes like Gandhari!

A detailed book can be written on the issue, giving the proofs for every facts, however it will be banned by some meLords or be disapproved or leaked by the likes of Bloomsbury.

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