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prithviraj chouhan

सर्वसिद्धि दायक पर्व बसन्त-पञ्चमी

इस दिन को ज्ञान और कला की देवी मां सरस्वती का जन्मदिवस माना जाता है। इसलिये इस दिन विद्या की देवी माता सरस्वती की पूजा बड़े ही उल्लास व उमंग के साथ की जाती है।

Dhritrashtra and Gandhari Hindus: A sneak peek at UPSC-bureaucratic jihad

UPSC website has a specimen copy of a test paper wherein a passage is beautifully crafted to whitewash the crimes of Islamic invaders, and blame all the plunder to native rulers, even they chose none other than the GREAT Prithviraj Chauhan to paint him as a barbarian.

How UPA wrote nonsense as history-insulting heroes like Prithviraj Chauhan, Shivaji Maharaj

A booklet titled ‘How brave was Veer Savarkar’ released by All India Congress Seva Dal training camp run by the Congress in Bhopal, has claimed that Veer Savarkar had a physical relationship with Nathuram Godse.

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