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Young generation have to come in joining hands with these craftmens to preserve our culture

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India is known for its rich culture because of its many art forms. The handicraft industry has a history of several centuries. The artisans of India were known worldwide for their skill and craftsmanship. This sector constitutes a major part of the rich cultural heritage of the country. It showcases the traditional skill of artisans in various crafts such as wooden products, metal ware, textile weaving & printing, marble & stone crafts, leather works, jewellery etc… This skill is handed down from generation to generation in the form of family tradition. True to its name, the “Handicraft” (crafts made by hands) industry uses manual methods instead of advanced technology for making various items. Eventhough the Indian Government, since independence has implemented various plans and policies to secure this sector, the industrialization and exploiters have destabilized the artisans. Technological advancement is also a major reason behind the reduction of handcrafted products into machine made products, which cost a little less as compared. This resulted in the decline of  Indian handicrafts industry

The average earning of a craftsmen when compared to that of other fields is very low. Hence, the younger generation is moving to other fields with only the elder craftsmen being left behind. The country needs younger generation of craftsmen to carry on the tradition of handicrafts, and this is only possible by ensuring the assistance of craftsmen to improve their techniques, availability of quality raw materials, direct marketing channels, credit and better wages and providing them with socio-economic benefits.

Young generation have new ideas which will definetly help in the expansion of handicraft industry. They are technically good and knew the usage of other promoting platforms. They are the future of our nation since they have to preserve our culture. Digital tools allow the local artisans to connect with the global audience and to create awareness about their businesses and bring lost recognition to the handicraft industry. The intiative called Uthhan is working for the betterment of the handicraft industry. This is an online platform where artisan can sell their products at their prices. In uthhan younger generation has the opportunity to work as a volunteer for the betterment of these artisans. Volunteers will be provided by certificates and other beneficial offers which will enhance their skills. Uthhan is currently feeding more than 10000 artisan families with almost 500+ volunteers helping the cause..

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