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Khadi: The pride of Indian weavers

Khadi has proved itself as a fabric that is ecologically right and socially cool.

Eroding treasure of arts and crafts from our society

Millions of artisans are engaged in the production of the handicraft products. They face issues to penetrate the market among the competitors.

Young generation have to come in joining hands with these craftmens to preserve our culture

The average earning of a craftsmen when compared to that of other fields is very low. Hence, the younger generation is moving to other fields with only the elder craftsmen being left behind.

Why Artisan should Join hands with Uthhan

Artisans are the backbone of India’s non- farming rural economy, engaged in craft production. However, there is a rapid reduction in the number of Indian artisans propelled by loss of market, declining skills, and nonavailability of technological support.

They will become an artist when people watch what they do

Uthhan comes like a solution for the betterment of artisans. They launched a website and a phone app in different languages as per artisan convenience. This is important for artisans so that more and more customers can be reached in lesser time and can deliver the right handicraft products.

उत्थान और कारीगरों की कहानी

कारीगर की मेहनत से लोगों के घर और बाज़ार सजते हैं लेकिन क्या कभी किसी ने ये जानने की कोशिश की कि इनका घर कैसे चलता है? आप इन कारीगरों की मेहनत को ऊँचे दामों में खरीदते हैं लेकिन इन कारीगरों को उनकी मेहनत के इतने कम मूल्य मिलते है की वो ठीक तरह से अपना जीवन यापन भी नहीं कर पाते.

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