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Eroding treasure of arts and crafts from our society

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India is a diverse economy that encompasses agriculture, agribusiness, a wide range of modern industries, and a multitude of services sectors, categorized under private and public sectors. The handicraft sector that is engaged in the production of crafts which are handmade with the help of tools. The Indian handicraft industry is highly labor-intensive, cottage based, and decentralized. The industry is spread all over the country from east to west and from north to south. Majority of manufacturing units are located in rural limits. The handicraft sector statistically forms the second-largest source of employment in India. The spirit of handicrafts is the raw materials used for easily available crafts. Craftsmen and Artisans can produce products in unlimited numbers without any sustainability issue. The handicraft products can be multiuse.

The most important thing which guide the customer is the brand of the products. But handicraft products are not brand driven since this is an unorganized sector. Millions of artisans are engaged in the production of the handicraft products. They face issues to penetrate the market among the competitors.

Indian Handicrafts & Gift items today has become a show window of Indian handicrafts among all the leading overseas buyers with out any introduction. The participation trend symbolises the approach of  different participants in the fair programs organized for the handicraft sector. The trend of handicraft export orders from India explains that the demand for Indian crafts is growing and their role in earning foreign exchange for the country is fast improving.

The intiative called Uthhan has become a ray of hope for artisans. Uthhan is an online platform for artisans through which they can easily showcase and sell their products . There are no middlemen in the platform and so the exploitation of artisan is zero.  As of now uthhan is feeding more than 10000+ artisans in different states like Karnataka, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar Jharkhand, etc .

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