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Khadi: The pride of Indian weavers

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Clothes are an  integral part of human identity. The clothes we wear play an essential role throughout the life. They reflect the personality of individuals and can be used as a marker of a group, community, family, region and even country. A new era has started that is urging people to go back to their roots and realise the value of sustainability, nature and purity. People around the globe are looking for things that connect them to their roots i.e. food,yoga,handicraft clothes. Khadi is one of such numerous examples that can guide us back and connect us to our roots. Khadi has proved itself as a fabric that is ecologically right and socially cool.

Weaving has been one of the most primitive activities that were carried out by artisans. Different parts of the world developed different weaving practices through civilization. Khadi developed in India as a traditional form of weaving that not just involve handloom weaving but also involves hand spinning of the yarn. Thus Khadi refers to the hand spun and hand woven fabric of India. Indian khadi fabric, also known as khaddar, is made by spinning threads on an instrument called charkha. It is woven and spun by hand, which is a time-consuming process. Before Independence, khadi manufacturing gained momentum under Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership as a movement to boycott British clothes.
Characteristics of khadi

Khadi can be made from cotton, silk or wool. It ranges from being fine muslin cloth to thick like a dhurrie. It is soft as our body. So Khadi can be worn as a cloth of comfort and convenience. Khadi has a unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. The more it is washed the better it looks and feel. So this is comfortable in characteristics as well as price also. Khadi is the most used handlooms in India.

Uthhan is the first initiative in India where you got original artistic work at reasonable prices. The profit from artifacts sales goes directly to artisans with out any middlemen. Artist themselves decide the value of their artistic value. Uthhan has displayed original khadi clothes at cheaper rate. Indian crafts are always in trend because of their eco friendly and unique nature. Through Uthhan many of the traditional Khadi weavers are earning their bread with out the exploitation of middlemen

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