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Why Artisan should Join hands with Uthhan

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Artisans preserve and share their craft culture across the world. Artisans are the backbone of India’s non- farming rural economy, engaged in craft production. However, there is a rapid reduction in the number of Indian artisans propelled by loss of market, declining skills, and nonavailability of technological support. Crafting a Livelihood along with the empowerment of Indian artisans is the need of the hour to safeguard our history and culture.

The threat of coronavirus pandemic is increasing day by day in India. The country is fighting social and economic damage. The majority of citizens are anxious due to economical disability. Our artisans are living a hazardous life. The life of craftsmen and their families have completely tilted upside down.

Thousands of artisans and their families have been left in the lurch since export orders are canceled. The retail sales also dried up. It is nearly two months since the tourism and travel industry stopped functioning. The handicraft souvenir sales took a hit. The locality which houses 600 to 800 artisan families and a beehive of activity of traditional art forms are staring at a bleak future. They are worried about the survival of their children. It is difficult for craftsmen and workers to sit idle and pass their days. The lockdown has left them with no work and money. In the absence of new sales orders, production is stopped and there are no buyers for the existing stock. Handicraft buying may not be the priority of the general public post-COVID-19. The recovery is likely to take a longer period. It is very important to maintain social distancing for safety. It is equally important to earn money for a living.

 Coronavirus has stopped all the traditional ways of earning the livelihood. Uthhan has given support for the upliftment of the weaker segment of artisans and their families. Uthhan is feeding more than 10000 families as of now. Uthhan has launched a website for artisans where handicraft items are available at a reasonable price with a larger audience. Artisans decide the value of their products and since there are no middlemen, the entire money goes directly to their accounts. Not only this, but the Uthhan team also gives training to artisans to use the technology as well. On the website, you can read and write reviews related to the product apart from buying which will be an encouragement for these artisans and further bolster them to excel their c

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