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Many events took place during this pandemic and we got an opportunity to remain engaged with them very closely as we had enough time. One topic appealed me most, that is Nepotism.

Following Sushant Rajput’s unnatural death we started pointing the gun at certain section of the people in Bollywood for nepotism/favoritism. We were so annoyed and fed up with the system, we started reacting as if we were only waiting for Sushant to take this bold step to enable us to catch the culprits by neck. Mental Health experts had a trying time in boosting up the mental condition of the citizens. This is a reaction; quite natural, that too amidst negativity of the pandemic.

People come to Mumbai with various dreams, toil hard by spending time and money to achieve something, but, most of them have to return back or to settle down with something which they did not come for. Some of them have clouts, influences, godfather and manage to push through to fulfill their dreams.

But, the question comes – were we not aware of the system which has been prevalent since decades? The bitter truth is, we were aware of this, experienced this and unknowingly accepted this to make it a part of our society. Some quarters rightly argued, “if I have invested money why I will not promote my children or relatives”.

Another question comes – is it the scenario only in Bollywood? The answer is – certainly not. It is happening in corporates, politics, sports, families and everywhere in the society. When someone is in authority he/she can choose people as per his/her choice. This authority may come by way of investing money or by way of entrusting responsibility through a given system, like holding a position in an organization or in any body corporate. Then issue here is how many of those who are in authority can remain unbiased?

Exceptional talents cannot be suppressed by anybody, they will come out sooner or later. The problem is with the talents who are on border line or average. Strengths and weaknesses can be found in any human being. So, it is the privilege of the said authority what to showcase and here comes the biasness. This is the accepted system in our society in every walk of life. Every individual is a beneficiary and a victim at different given times and circumstances in different fields. The people who get benefit are happy and good friends, supporting and flattering the authority all the time. We all wait for our fortune to come.

We need to understand the reality and face it accordingly. To overcome this flaw, organizations train their employees how to promote themselves to make them visible. In today’s cu-throat competition no one will notice the silent average talent. That’s why we try to establish network, to have connections with people who are in authority, promote ourselves in different ways.

Moreover, once you break through and reach a particular level you have to sustain it. There will be a different kind of pressure. Fear of failure will doom you. There is a saying in cricket, “if you are scared of scoring zero, don’t play cricket”.

Let’s hope, the struggle with Covid will make us stronger to face the ground reality of life in a positive way.

Rituraj Baruah

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