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The era of expansionists is over

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These are the historic words, uttered by ‘Narendra Damodar Modi’, that will be etched in the memory of future generations, for time eternal to come. (Nimu, Ladakh, India, July 3, 2020)

When the clouds of this ‘China Made’ pandemic are blown over, and when the world will restore itself back to normalcy, and re-embark on its quest towards prosperity; history will stand witness to the leadership, courage, and dedication of this ‘Humble Son of India’.

Historically, mankind has been an expansionist. Wars have been fought to capture territory and riches that belonged to another being.

In the civilized world, when war has taken place, a compromise would be reached, which more often, would be ‘Unfair’, and would be tilted towards the ‘Aggressor’. The terms of ‘Cease Fire’ and ‘Status Quo’ becoming the standard norm for diffusing any armed conflict.

World leaders have at all times postured themselves as ‘Messiahs of Peace’, condemning war, offering arbitration in disputes, extending diplomatic assistance; but ‘Never’ has any ‘World Leader’, stood up tall, and declared the ‘End of the Expansionist’.

‘Narendra Modi’, has lifted the spirit of statesmanship to an entirely different level.

His words, not only declare India’s intent and resolve; but provide to all other nations in the world, who are under threat from expansionist forces, the courage, strength and belief to stand up to this tyrant and rouge entity, which we all know as ‘China’.

The People’s Republic of China, as it is known today, and the territory that it claims as its own, was never a part of the original country. All of this territory has been systematically conquered by deceit, deception and force.

Be it territory in Tibet (12.28 Lac Square Kilometers), Eastern Turkestan / Xinjiang province (16.6 Lac Square Kilometers), Inner Mongolia (11.83 Lac Square Kilometers), Taiwan (36,197 Square Kilometers), Hong Kong (1,106 Square Kilometers), or even Macao (32.9 Square Kilometers); China, has never hesitated to annex the sovereignty of any country that it has found vulnerable and weaker to itself.

Today, China claims that it shares its borders with 14 nations, this is because China invaded and captured the above-mentioned territories. In its original form, China shared its borders with 8 countries; Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Korea, Guangxi, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. The fact is that originally China did not even share a border with India, this only happened after China invaded and took over Tibet.

Apart from its border conflicts, and false claims to territory; China has a maritime dispute with almost all of its neighboring nations; be it Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and now even Australia. In its most recent claim of territory, China is staking claims to the Russian province of Vladivostok, citing it as its own through a distortion of history.

This rouge has been consistently increasing its arrogance, and aggressiveness; and feeding its expansionist hunger. The world watched and condemned, but never had the iron will to put an end to this; until today, when the ‘Prime Minister of India’, stood near the front-line border (LAC), and explicitly told not only China, but the entire world, his clear intent.

With the event of this declaration by PM Modi, China, instantly has got rattled.

This was not a response that they had ever dreamt off. Almost instantly, Beijing issued a statement that “Talks are on between the two countries”. There was no mention of any confrontation.

It was noted, that in his entire speech PM Modi never mentioned that it is ‘China’ who is the expansionist. However, the Chinese Envoy at New Delhi, immediately issued a statement that China is not an expansionist, and that China has well demarked boundaries.

Scoring a self-goal, indirectly accepting the fact that PM Modi was referring to China.

However, PM Modi’s statement although has rattled China, but it will not deter them from their current activities. China, will now play up to deceit, it will plan and plot its next step, it will explore covert means, it will drag negotiations to buy time to put into practice its next devious and malicious moves.

It’s a typical mindset that the Chinese suffer from, and it has payed dividends for them. They have been able to tilt the global trade deficit in their own favor, they have infiltrated economies not only with their goods, but also with their manpower, their movies, and their food.

Evidently, they have apart from being able to gain an economic footage, they have also gained a cultural footage on a global platform. Chinese also rely upon their past experiences with every entity, when confronting them.

Although, China in its latest adventure has claimed the Russian territory of Vladivostok as their own; China will think a million times before even instigating Russia for an armed conflict.

This is owing to the fact that Russia had rubbed the Chinese to the ground in 1969, where as per the Soviet records, about 800 Chinese troops were killed, in a short battle that lasted just two weeks. The Chinese remember that.

However, the Chinese also do remember the Indo-China war of 1965. They do remember that they had defeated us. And, living in the past, they would still believe that we will react like we did in 1965.

It has come to them as a surprise; the change of attitude, and the shift in response that modern India has displayed. This was totally unexpected for them.

They had never thought that we will block their applications and software, do away with their hardware equipment, bar them from our telecom and infrastructure sectors, scrutinize each and every of their investments, restrict imports, and take all other measures to cripple their export market to India; and thus setting the ball in motion, for the world to follow.

Neither did they expect to witness the sudden urgency in procuring all pending defense equipment that we had planned for, and advancing their deliveries.

In the backdrop of the Indian embargo on China, the Americans formally started tightening their screws on China. With the announcement of blocking two Chinese technology companies (Huawei & ZTE), and tabling a bill in their senate for the approval of sale of F-35 Fighter Jet to India; is something China never thought would actually materialize.

China did also not anticipate the strong support coming from countries like France, Japan, Australia and even Saudi Arabia. Their political counterpart in ideology, Russia, too declared itself neutral, distancing itself away from China.

China, has always believed that it can play its game and keep the world fragmented. That was its strength. But it overplayed its hand.

The COVID-19 virus, that has its roots in China, and with leading nations claiming its origin as a means for biological warfare; China has got out maneuvered, and is caught in its own web.

With India and America, two of the worlds biggest consumers looking at creating barriers for Chinese export, and with a high propensity of EU and UK to follow the footsteps, China’s export power faces serious challenges.

Further with closer co-operation within the QUAD Countries (USA, Japan, India & Australia) on maritime security, China faces restrictions in its free access to international trade routes.

USA, has three Nimitz class aircraft carriers in the South China Sea, Japan has activated its missile defense system and Japanese Coast Guards are aggressively patrolling the East China Sea.

Should a QUAD base be setup in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, China’s access to the Indian Ocean will be in peril. Leaving it with an only option to get its supply of crude oil through Pakistan.

With the vulnerability and complexity of its position in the geo-political dynamics, China is confused and is finding itself running out of options.

Owing to this, China now will further rely on its past successful strategies of deceit and deception.

And, it is compelled to do this.

China, is being rightfully accused of developing a biological warfare agent, and spreading it globally, and the world is adamant to claim damages.

The financial value that is pegged for these damages itself almost amounts to twice that of China’s GDP. The current scenario, has eroded the world’s trust in China, global markets will be skeptic, its capacity to earn foreign exchange will get curtailed, China’s currency will be worthless. China, cannot afford such a payout, it will mean utter bankruptcy for it, and will take China back to its stone age.

Faced with these consequences, Xi Jingping has no revival plan. He is relying on bluffing his way out. He is behaving erratically, he is tied up in knots, unable to rationalize, incapable of prioritizing; and he is power hungry.

Xi Jingping, is a deadly concoction lies, betrayal, and megalomania. A person who can see the mess in front of him, but has no clue how to sort it out.

PS: PM Modi’s speech not only rattled China, but has sent a clear message to Pakistan too. Wherein, Pakistan is amassing an additional 20,000 troops on the LOC on China’s behest.

Further, the location; Nimu, Ladakh, India – Holds a symbolic and strategic implication. Nimo, is located at a ‘Y’ Junction of the connecting Highways, wherein one arm of the ‘Y’ Junction, goes towards Kargil on the LOC, and the other towards the forward posts on the LAC

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