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China harasses all its neighboring countries

China Taiwan conflict: More important than being thought of

A scenario where China takes control over Taiwan by any method should be prevented as it could harm the financial state of the world and also world peace and prosperity.

China makes inroads into Taiwan again- What does this Imply for India?

It is imperative that India streamlines her geopolitical stature, in the South East Asian region to fruitfully deal with the Chinese threat.

Quid Pro Quo: An instrument of strategic realignment in Indian Foreign Policy of the Modi era

Since 2014, the proactive approach towards the burgeoning issue of geopolitics has become a hallmark of the realignment in Indian Foreign policy that has made world powers accept India as a major player in almost all issues of global eminence.

China debt trap diplomacy- Pan continental

The term "debt-trap diplomacy" means a creditor country extends huge sums of debts to borrowing nations to increase lenders' political leverage and to exploit geostrategic interests. It was coined by Indian columnist 'Brahma chellaney'.

Forget Ukraine, let’s concentrate to save Taiwan

In the recent past, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman have gone to the extent of threatening Australia and Japan with N-Warheads missiles attacks as they questioned the Middle Kingdom’s secrecy over Covid19 origin and trade policies violating international norms.

The censor-speech of the Red Dragon

It is quite ironic that a global power with a population of 1.4 billion does not have enough mouths to speak for itself. Even if they do, they are hushed by the power of just “one man”.

कहानी भारत के उस पड़ोसी की जो आज विश्व का 10वा सबसे बड़ा देश होता

आज जब कश्मीर में झूठी आज़ादी के नाम पर हजारों की संख्या में बच्चे और जवान हथियार लेकर हज़ारों जवानों की हत्या कर रहे है और कुछ लोग धर्मगुरु बनकर धर्म की रक्षा की झूठी लड़ाई छेड़े हुवे है तो ऐसे में उन लोगों को तिब्बत के लोगों से और दलाई लामा से ये सीख लेनी चाहिए कि अगर आपकी आज़ादी की लड़ाई सच्ची है तो इस लड़ाई में आपको हथियारों की कोई ज़रूरत ही नही पड़ती है।

Dragon and the elephant – An Indian’s fervent dream

A nation with an operating air force not pressing it into action when threatened by Mao's homicidal hordes can only be answered by the ghosts of traitors who made that call along with their apologists who are trying to hold the crumbling facade of lies and deceit.

Ladakh buildup – India’s Bhishma stands her ground eye to eye against Chinese tanks

China can not withdraw all her army to put up a challenge to India. The most aggressive posturing that China can engage in is by deploying forty percent of her total men and machine against India.

Pak Occupied Kashmir: How are the people, language and culture there?

Pak Occupied Kashmir: After all, how is that part of India, how are the people there and how are the language and culture?

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