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Insecurity of the opposition – Ram Mandir

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Ram Mandir at Ayodhya has been a big issue for more than 200 years in Indian history. Nationalist forces who favored Ram Mandir and secular groups who opposed the proposal argued, debated and clashed in and out of court for many- many decades. Ultimately highest court of the country gave its judgement and asked the government to go ahead and constitute a body to construct Ram Mandir at national level.

In any normal society this should have ended the controversy. But in India it is not the way. Those who lost the case took the verdict of the highest court as a challenge to their political existence. As it was a long fought legal battle in which they lost they could not publicly take stand against the verdict. More than that it was a politically survival question for them. Because for nearly seventy years after British left the country these groups had the stranglehold over all sections of the society, with political power in their hand. During this period of time when courts delivered justice which went against the political thinking of power that be the verdicts were nullified by extreme step of amending the constitution to appease the vote bank. This happened in Shahbano case during Rajiv Gandhi’s government. But after they lost the mandate to rule the country this option was snatched by the people’s verdict. So, they swallowed the Ram Mandir verdict with a hand full of salt grudgingly.

2014 elections was a bolt from the blue for those who hitherto thought that nobody can replace them. They alleged ballet rigging, malpractice by winning party. But the argument did not get them any benefit. 2019 was even bigger blow. They could not believe. Successive elections proved that they have been totally rejected by the people. Now the frustration made them desperate. They started using every trick from defaming the popular leader to denigrating every measure taken by the ruling Government. So much so, that opposition to leader of the country gradually became opposition to country. Bereft of issues they have now reduced themselves into petty politicians.

Now the construction of Ram Mandir with supreme court directions has rattled them. They very well know that if the constructions are to begin now and COMPLETED early that will be the end of their divide and rule policy and dream of coming to power will be a daydream. Mr. Sharad Pawar objection to Prime-minister’s visit of Ayodhya to shilanyas for construction of Mandir is the clear manifestation of loosing the battle to grab political power for at least another twenty years.

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